Thu 28 Apr 2016 10:12AM

May Meeting & September's Cascade

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Dear all,

So some work towards getting the hang of this consensus communication! I have been fielding a lot of conversations. I really encourage people to put what they are inputting to me up in this space, but realise some folk not up on Loomio yet.

What has emerged about next week's meeting:

  1. Many people needed a date change for our meeting to the 5th May and the need to share it ahead of time on FB ie. today. Felix has offered to document the meetings & the journey of this project with videos.

  2. A line up change Darren - on pods & permaculture / Charlie - on game hacks and storytelling / Felix - on mini biospheres around the city / Kate - on setting a course to September & Digital Festival

There are some really exciting things emerging.

Had a meeting with Persephone at ONCA about running “11 days of living differently”. It's all up for evolution and I'm going to summarise where I'm at with the plan so that everyone can think before meeting & also dream up some ideas about the system of exchange we're going to establish :)

So >
The basic idea as it stands is : the cascade would be "11 days of living differently". Living by an alternative system to money for 11 days (food exchange, local networks, skills swap etc.) and eco hack the city to co-create a story on the streets and online about living differently involving mini biospheres / pods / video spheres / seed bombs / chalk doors. We want to have a programme of events that get different groups in Brighton connected (eg. activist, permaculture, maker groups) and creating and improvising: plans involve an opening event on 1st Sept sharing digital projects that enact different ways of working and living together (people over from France to talk POC21 / Ouishare etc.), a hackathon on the 2/3rd Sept collaborating with Peter at dataist, and a big celebratory digital music AV night on Sat 10th finishing with a celebratory picnic by the Pantry project on 11th Sept. Basic idea is the project is wide open to all and uses story-telling, performance and visual design to invite everyone and anyone to live differently for 11 days and test out the alternatives that they can imagine. We’ve got some work to go - Mick et. al - on designing this system and distributing this concept in a totally clear way that tickles the imagination and that hacking the city can mean whatever people want it to mean and gets across autonomous creative agency. A festival “at home”.

How big or small this is depends on who gets involved & what people want to do. So far, people have connected up to the project very organically, and that feels good. Perhaps its an umbrella that gives people permission to be bold. My aim isn’t that it’s massive, my aim is that it’s for real ;)

In for the long haul xxx


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Cascade May Meeting - 5th Closed Fri 29 Apr 2016 9:08AM

I propose that we meet at 7pm on the 5th May

Line up - Charlie / Felix / Darren / Kate giving 10 minute chunks (described in thread I just posted) - a break to share ideas - & to end, M’af Jay bringing some consensus skills to focus what we’re planning for September. Please add if you want to talk.

Let's make this decision quickly so we can advertise & give people fair warning.


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Iona Scott
Thu 28 Apr 2016 11:54AM

I'm not sure if I can come yet, would be for a short time if I can. The dates you mention are difficult for me but it all sounds really great :)


Maf'j Alvarez Thu 28 Apr 2016 5:55PM

Unfortunately I can't make it on the 5th as a work conference has come up and I need to attend. Hope it goes well.



Darren Fri 29 Apr 2016 12:45PM

Once again late to state my position on this proposal but I'm still interested in coming and flexible on time.


Kate Genevieve Fri 29 Apr 2016 1:58PM

Felix et al good to come on the 5th. So let's do it then.


Kate Genevieve Wed 4 May 2016 7:46AM

19.00 Wired Sussex - look forward to it! Darren my email is [email protected] if you have anything you need - eg a projector / pencils...


Darren Thu 5 May 2016 10:57AM

As I was logged into Loomio anyway updating here for anyone watching.
This evenings meet is now not going to be at Wired Sussex. Venue yet TBC, but looking to be outside somewhere to catch the evening sun :)


Kate Genevieve Thu 5 May 2016 11:40AM



Maf'j Alvarez Thu 5 May 2016 3:16PM

Good luck! Hope it goes well this evening.