Thu 12 Aug 2021 8:47PM

Quarterly Project 2021Q4

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Anyone have any thoughts on topics for the next quarter? It'll be October/November/December so probably best to have a topic that we can do remote, with the colder weather. There are some good topics mentioned in the past [1] [2], that we may want to do this time. We could also revisit old projects if there is interest in doing that.


Jez Nicholson Fri 13 Aug 2021 8:05AM

I've got an interest in waste and recycling. Where does my rubbish go to? Where are all the recycling points? What items does my local tip accept?


Cj Malone Fri 13 Aug 2021 12:26PM

At some point we should revisit retail. My local council has started updating Food Hygiene Ratings again, so that could be a help.


Gregory Marler (former Director) Sat 14 Aug 2021 9:04AM

Would "places of worship" be of interest?
I'm making a pair of videos about them (for an audience of not-yet-OSMers) and helpfully I've found several examples missing from OSM. There's possibly some list of churches, mosques, etc, that we could use to find them.
My videos are scheduled to be online Sep/Oct.


Edward Bainton Sun 15 Aug 2021 12:07PM

The GRO has an OGL list of registered places of worship (these are exempt from rates and have a special charity status), but many places of worship will not be registered as such because the benefits are marginal - the legislation is very 19C.

[Edit: quick check of my home town is encouraging: probably 80pc of mosques are registered with the GRO.]

http://mosques.muslimsinbritain.org/ is the most complete and reliable ground-sourced data on mosques that I'm aware of. I think SK53 may have interacted with the compiler in the past (Tariq Maqdood I believe, but I may have misunderstood).

I've long meant to investigate how far the data could be imported into the map, if he's happy to release it. A difficulty may be that it's entangled with Google data. Perhaps he could be persuaded (and assisted) to use OSM as the base-map.


Cj Malone Sat 4 Sep 2021 11:05AM

Pubs could potentially get more engagement than previous QPs.


Edward Bainton Sat 4 Sep 2021 11:33AM

Agree. Maybe team up with CAMRA?

One thought: lots are mothballed atm. I don't know if that matters, but could see lots of 'pub closed' responses that may be inaccurate if they reopen soon? on the other hand lots of those will presumably stay closed (beer sales down 10% on 2019) and become something else eventually.


Cj Malone Sat 4 Sep 2021 9:36PM

Hmmm, where I live it seems pretty clear if a pub is closed for good by now. Is that not a fair assumption for other parts of the country?


Edward Bainton Sun 5 Sep 2021 8:35AM

Quite possibly. Round here I know of two that were boarded up, carparks defended with concrete blocks, that have recently (last month or two) reopened. Maybe that's just the normal economics of the sector.

In any case, it's just a thought for consideration: the trade-off between data that's a bit ropey, and lots of new mappers, is an easy one for me.


Cj Malone Wed 15 Sep 2021 12:21PM

Does anyone reading this know anyone at CAMRA? Teaming up/getting access to this data would be helpful.


Ed Loach Wed 15 Sep 2021 4:09PM

I doubt they'd release it as the data also feeds the Good Beer Guide and the Good Beer Guide apps, which they want you to buy and/or subscribe to, and they've pursued other sites for copyright violation where pub descriptions and photos have been scraped in the past. Having said that, I collect and maintain the data for our branch area so locally I already have the local knowledge to update our pubs (and I use OSM on the branch website). Looking at some of the posts above which I'd missed previously, a number of pubs have changed hands since the start of the pandemic, but most have re-opened though some with shorter hours or fewer real ales. One remains closed after the landlord told them at short notice that they wouldn't be re-opening as they'd planned, and another remains closed and we're not sure what is happening with it - it was listed for sale before the pandemic and isn't now, but it might have been withdrawn from sale just as much as it might have sold. Another closed during the pandemic but has just been bought by the local community who hope to re-open it later this month, and another applied for change of use to residential and had it turned down but has appealed - and has re-opened while they are appealing and refusing to talk to the local community group who also want to save the pub by purchasing it at a more realistic price.

Edit: rather than get the WhatPub data perhaps contacting CAMRA about contacting the branch pubs officers (or pub database coordinators, or whatever the current term is) about helping them improve the mapping of their pubs might work. CAMRA want to promote supporting pubs, so being able to say they are helping people find them without it costing them anything might play well.

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