Wed 8 Nov 2017 2:33PM

Upgrade and Update Our Constitution?

M Martyn Public Seen by 138

So our Constitution http://ipnz.github.io/Docs/ConstitutionAndRules/#1-definitions needs to bereviewed. What suggested changes would you like to see?


Fred Look Thu 9 Nov 2017 6:18AM

AHH the IP real consitiution is the one situated at http://www.elections.org.nz/parties-candidates/registered-political-parties/register-political-parties

This differs from the github.io version which is therefore invalid... BUT having said that the github one is MUCH better in terms of format, indexing, and general useability so the first step would be to get the github version in synch with the elections.org version . (which does not require any "decision" someone just needs to do it!)

As to making the necessary changes to make the constitution fit for purpose I feel that this should not proceed under present leader. It would be best to set this aside until May 2018.


Suzie Dawson Thu 9 Nov 2017 6:24AM

For the sake of everyone, kindly take your vitriolic nonsense somewhere else Fred


Miriam Mallinder Fri 10 Nov 2017 10:14PM

I think that the Internet Party needs professional, objective (therefore probably 'outside') advice on this. Advice from people seasoned and wise in the workings of Political parties and politics.

I am not sure where to find such a person, what do you guys think? Perhaps a political science grad who also has appropriate and good experience? Someone who has seen mistakes and / or fully understands why elements should be there.

With a couple of experts on our wings we could analyse the constitutions of other political parties. I think the NZ First constitution is publically available ... probably the others too ... pick the best bits out of existing ones (and our own) for a start. Then we can publish it as a draft and ask for 'submissions' or comment. I feel this is a more proactive approach than generally asking 'what would you like?'

Although, one thing I would like to see included is a robust system for revisions to take place. Such that they can be done quickly, but objectively (on a robust discussion and decision making structure).


Fred Look Sat 11 Nov 2017 4:18AM

The key structural failing of current constitution is disconnects between responsibility and mandate or to put it another way where the person who carries the can is not making the decision. While in many cases the responsibility and mandate are both present they are not explicitly linked. In several cases the same mandate is given to multiple persons, bodies. In other cases mandates are able to be assumed when such assumption oversets some responsibility. Rather than ad-hoc handing out of various responsibilities and various mandates throughout the ducument, what is necessary is an organised identification of areas where responsibility must be assigned and a tight connection to those mandates required to meet them. Very important not to assign the same mandate in two places unless by design for a specific identified purpose.


IP Jo Booth Tue 14 Nov 2017 12:47PM

I had previously compared the github with the pdf and updated it - the only change I noted was the $1 vs $10 membership. If anyone else can spot the differences.. please do log it through.


Fred Look Tue 14 Nov 2017 7:55PM

4.5.4. Provided the above conditions are satisfied, full membership of the Internet Party is valid for 12 calendar months.


IP Jo Booth Sun 19 Nov 2017 5:31PM

Yeah, fixed that. Anything else? Once’s it’s consistent - we can update EC


Jo Booth Wed 25 Apr 2018 12:44PM

Just proposed some new wording for the 3 year subscription implemented with a paypal button using the trial period idea of $0.01 first month, the rest payable within the term of the membership - ideally straight away, but in my experience people take a little while to sort payment without the IPnz app. Anyways - proposed wording is here on github :purple_heart:


Mason Bee Mon 30 Apr 2018 8:45PM

One way to update it might be to look at the problems we have had in the past and clarify the constitution for those cases. From memory, problems have been caused by;
Leadership disappearing (Laila).
Exec disappearing or disinterested (Insert list).
Rogue exec member.
Secretary hamstrung by Exec/Rogue sec
Financial uncertainty
Mass infighting by members (Lack of membership director?)


sophia rose byles Tue 1 May 2018 10:24PM

Mason Bee you are a genius being honest about what needs to be updated upgraded before adding more to the pile. However you forgot to add a very important aspect to your list.....
Letting Government know the real truth about MEMBERSHIP and the exact numbers be given....This is mandatory and is yet to be finalised in truth with the required government legislation. The past LEADERS have been a waste of time and space as shows in the POLLS of PAST attempts...only grabbing the government political funds before knowing the consequences...so it is vital for the existance of this IP Party that it steps out with INTEGRITY or it nedds to SHUTDOWN....

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