Investing In Tomorrow Grant Meeting with Libby - Notes

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* Work collaboratively on google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O8fC7JPD967EyLQbeu9eOvrfxM6hY_IjZ4EtYSjOtoM/edit?usp=sharing
* Meet before show on Wednesday at 7PM at Outer Space
* Meet at Zev and Alex's on Thursday at 6PM
* Meet at Outer Space on Saturday

Grant Meeting - with Libby - Alex V, Alex N, Kendal, Dorian, Zev, Carlos

  • Innovation & Framing - how we are innovative in this community/demographic
  • Looking for innovation - doesn't have to be the biggest innovation, just for Arcata *Forces you to think about where we are, what we want to do. *Who we are as a volunteer run

Letter from Ink People about DreamMaker Program, who they are - would suffice to cover "organization needs part-time employees"

  • Grant asks for an organization to discuss a project - The whole Breakfast All Day collective is the project. *We need to create our own vision and language.

*Primary focus of this grant is: Leadership - the next generation.
*B.A.D Collective's lateral structure - is a new way to create leadership. Give everyone an equal chance, equal opportunity. Peer mentorship. Where equal importance placed on all voices in the process.
*Equity focused - what we have always done.

*Most important thing about Grant Writing is to be absolutely genuine. Don't overstate what we are/can achieve.
*The funder(s) have their own needs. Set up by donors, companies, etc. to do specific things - they are limited by those guidelines - they have to meet those guidelines - we have to meet those guidelines.

*Think about the background section. Hit this section hard. Don't have to necessary reference the specific text in the application - just have language the mirrors their needs.
*Layout the narrative.
*In grants, it's ok to repeat.

*Make it easy for them. Want to be sure you're not the ones who puts them to sleep.
* Be Clear, concise, interesting.
*More than honest about the situation here - discrimination, poverty, lack of housing, marijuana legalization, gentrification.
* How are we special in Arcata?? All ages, buffer against gentrification, intergenerational - youth bringing parents / parents bringing children, community.
*Stick with formatting.
*Adhere to word counts.

Can we add links? Yes.

Need a letter of support - Libby and Robert will do this.

  • Line items: Financial Report from Ink People as essential items *What we need/want/have

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