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"Nondominium is a framework to accommodate the voluntary registration of productive resources, the value added to them and by using them, and the outputs resulting from their use and modification, whereby all ownership rights in those resources, value added and outputs are transferred to a Custodian established for that purpose. The Custodian in return, acts in accordance with the Custodian Agreement, which is comprised of a Charter, a Value Equation (VE) and Governance Equation (GE), to return a subset of the ownership rights to the members in proportions determined by the Agreement using the ongoing value registered by members in real time. The members agree, by signing the Custodian Agreement, to register all value added to the Nondominium as well as all valuable outputs resulting from use of the Nondominium. Membership in a Nondominium is open to anyone willing to sign the Custodian Agreement.


Joshua Bridge Tue 5 Mar 2019 1:49AM

Has everyone here had a chance to Grok this idea of Nondominium? I find it to be well thought out and would like to know what other people think 馃

Hopefully Chris Cook will join this discussion


Jonny Dubowsky Tue 5 Mar 2019 2:08AM

I'm getting up to speed tonight. On a separate note, I love how seemlessly we've navigated to our first external tool with a specific purpose. Loomio is serving as great place to direct focused, topical exposition. So far so good!


Amanda Jansen Tue 5 Mar 2019 2:01PM

Hi @chriscook how does this non-dominium approach to value accounting systems such as Sensorica / FairCoop or other value accounting methodologies (i.e. OuiShare uses a mutual project spreadsheet for value accounting to roles upfront and collaborative evaluation of projects afterwards)?

If a Custodian is installed and an agreement is signed, how does this non-dominium relate to commoning i.e. business models? Is it becoming a traditional membership model with a fee to be paid i.e. is it comparable with a coop but then with a custodian instead of a board installed, or are both installed? How will governance take place factually? I see a governance equation, so I gather it can be about 'shares' in governance?

Then for collaboration practices (my favorite topic): if any rules can be installed I am now curious how often has this model been practiced? How does it relate to i.e. Swarmwise, meritocracy, holocracy.. etc? Because the governance also determines the collaborative practices and energy in the group as a space holder for which all members are responsible (wow.. this sentence came out after all the emergent projects I was in!!!).. it is important to see how non dominium / practices would hold governance around issues as 'how to deal with mavericks', 'deciding about roles and projects', 'what if there is a disagreement' etc. etc. So I am very interested to know how this works until now.

Some interesting links:


Dmitry Sokolov Sat 23 Mar 2019 1:58AM