Mon 19 Jun 2017 7:04AM

New Collective -- Hui!

KW Kathleen Winter Public Seen by 382

The purpose of this hui is to bring together all of the groups and individuals interested in creating a community space on Level 1, 19 Tory Street. To share our dreams and ideas for the space, create a shared kaupapa, and form a collective group so that we can start utilizing the space as soon as possible!

Please indicate all of the times that can work for you to attend the hui on this doodle poll:


We are asking for your email address so that those not already in the email list can be kept involved.



Kathleen Winter Sun 25 Jun 2017 3:55AM

The first community hui for the upstairs space will be held this TUESDAY 27th at 5.30. There is a facebook event HERE:



Kathleen Winter Fri 30 Jun 2017 12:04AM

Hi all, first hui went really well - good turn out, lots of A+ ideas. I've been sick in bed for a couple of days but will get the minutes up as soon as I can!

The second hui is booked for next Monday (3rd), but I'm no longer able to do that date. Is anyone else around and happy to facilitate? It's as simple as asking everyone to introduce themselves and explain their ideas for the space, and writing them all down. Really appreciate if someone could step in, otherwise I'll need to re-schedule.


Murdoch Fri 30 Jun 2017 12:53AM

Sorry @kw I am in South Island for three weeks. Maybe @anat and @kassiehartendorp ...


AnaT Sun 2 Jul 2017 12:54AM

I'm working Monday until at least 6.15, sorry. Can someone else get there?


Kathleen Winter Sun 2 Jul 2017 9:39AM

I've moved it to this coming Thursday: https://www.facebook.com/events/1470681732952234


Kathleen Winter Tue 4 Jul 2017 4:02AM

I'm attaching the minutes from the first hui.


Lynn Dick Wed 5 Jul 2017 7:18PM

Sorry I'm unable to attend tonight now
For the short term will the space be allocated to the existing bookings?


Linda MacManus Wed 5 Jul 2017 10:56PM

In particular, could we get a decision on whether we can offer an exhibition space to the Victoria University Feminist Organisation who had a previously confirmed exhibition for 28/07 - 4/08. They are anxious to know. I realise the 1st floor isn't as ideal an exhibition space as we had on the ground floor but at this stage I think they'll be glad for whatever space they can get.

Sorry, I can't make the hui tonight, am happy to keep liasing on events though.