Tue 15 May 2018 4:55AM

Changing the Multisig

GG Griff Green Public Seen by 276

So the results of https://www.loomio.org/p/Pg63vLi8/removing-non-active-signers-from-multi-sig- are in...

Grace and Jen were by far the ones voted the highest... and while that makes a lot of sense, since neither have signed anything for a long time and are not very active in the project lately... I am a little hesitant to support kicking off the only females we have on the multisig.

Honestly, it just looks bad. There are enough boys clubs in Crypto.

And after reading thru the Manifesto submissions, inclusivity and diversity are clearly values held in high regard from our community. There is nothing wrong with having a very inclusive multisig :-D

The proposal that passed last Gov meeting was to either kick some people off the multisig or up the required signatures to 7, and the timeline was set to have this decision made by Wednesday so that Yalor and Bowen can sign on this week's payouts.

I'd love to hear thoughts on this below.


[deactivated account] Tue 15 May 2018 5:31AM

I think if it doesn't hurt to keep people on then, sure, why not. But if it does slow down payments or any part of our effectiveness as a team or stops new people who might be able to fill those spots from joining then we should follow the communities decision and remove the least active signers (be that male or female) with all due respect :hugging:


Griff Green Tue 15 May 2018 6:36AM

Adding Yalor and Bowen and upping the required signatures to 7 seems adequate to me. I don't really see a down side to that move, since we are adding 2 very active signers and only 1 required signature, it should still speed up payments while I see several downsides to kicking people off the multisig... loss of diversity, a strike against our ideals of inclusion, awkward hard conversations, and all the other bad things that accompany excluding people from the multisig club


Kay Tue 15 May 2018 10:51AM

I hear you Griff and as much as I hate boys clubs - I don't think this counts as one. First of all - if you are not lucky enough to be an insider here or find one of our dedicated lists, you would have a hard time finding out about the actual members of our multisig, let alone their names, let alone their gender. So - yes we are still radically inclusive, because no one needs to leave Giveth. The multisig in our community is a tool that wants to be used often. Making it easy to use and keep administration low should be our main goal here. So I guess my worst case outcome is if we start to require even more signatures

The pupose of referenced loomio poll was to vote people off. For example: No one could have voted. Then the signal would have been to not change anything. But we voted, even with a good outcome. If we now decide that we don't like the result - I don't know about that ... very flip-flop-py and starts to sound very political. I think a unicorn should be able to get onboarded or kicked off based on their role/engagement and not on ethnicity, gender, age, whateva.


Justjen Tue 15 May 2018 10:53AM

Hey guys, the thought that Grace and me are the only two women in this group occurred to me as well and even if I do like and support(of course) griff's statement I think we should do what's best for Giveth. I do not like the idea to be in this group just because I am a women-but it is an argument to not kick out the only females...I actually think this is an argument for the whole Giveth(and crypto) universe. We need to support equality on all levels if we want to make a change and-the world a better place. I would like to keep this in mind for all team decisions. As for the multisig:I know I was kind of "out" recently but I am back in a bit more stable situation now and will probably be able to make some multisig transactions in the future-if you still need me....


RJ Tue 15 May 2018 1:01PM

I totally disagree that we should keep people on just because they are women. This has nothing to do with gender and is about participation. I personally think that it looks bad to keep people on just so we have "diversity" or whatever.

I definitely don't want more signatures, and I don't think removing only 2 people is enough either. Just because you are or are not on the multisig, doesn't mean you are any more or less part of Giveth.


Kris is Tue 15 May 2018 5:04PM

agree completely with RJ & Kay. So yes, I would definitely not add more signatures. I'd very very much be in favor of taking Jordi + WHG off too, as they haven't signed either. That is 4 people and that is the least we should do. You could potentially keep Alan as he signed a few. We stay 100% inclusive and diverse, this is just a practical thing. Jen can claim her place in Giveth in other ways, she indeed shouldn't be on here 'just' because she is a woman, she is way more than that :)


Griff Green Wed 16 May 2018 11:07PM

i'm happy to start the transactions to add Yalor and Bowen... i will do that now, there is clear consensus on that. I am not going to sign a transaction to remove people off the multisig personally cause i dont see any value in that. i'd rather it be 6 of 16 then 6 of 14 personally... I'd rather it be 7 of 16 but that seems to be a non starter....