Wed 5 Oct 2022 6:37PM

Calendars on Loomio?

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I feel like this might be a really silly question, but ... what is the best way to use Loomio to keep track of social-coop events, like recurring meetings? Or do we need to use something else?


Matt Noyes Wed 5 Oct 2022 6:53PM

This would be great to have in Loomio. Short of that, we should set up a calendar on a nextcloud instance or such. The CWG ops team still uses googlecalendar but seems to me we could switch -- I'd like a SC dashboard with latest toots, latest matrix posts, latest loomio polls, a shared (non google) calendar, a link to the wiki, to meet.coop, and to open collective...


Nathan Schneider Thu 6 Oct 2022 1:14PM

If we joined mayfirst.coop, we could have nextcloud access (and websites, and other stuff, including jitsi and xmpp) for $62/year.



Eduardo Mercovich Thu 6 Oct 2022 8:11PM

I am a member of Mayfirst since a few years and yes, Nextcloud and Jitsi are great. I will be happy to help to collaborate and having talked with Jaime I know there is interest there too. :)


Flancian Thu 27 Oct 2022 9:58PM

\o/ some nice convergence: there was recently independent discussion about calendars and nextcloud in the [[tech working group]] matrix room.

What could the next steps here be? Maybe set up a cross-working-group meeting with topic Mayfirst as a Nextcloud provider? Or just write down a proposal?


Bob Haugen Thu 27 Oct 2022 10:38PM

We are members of Mayfirst and had an interesting experience today withm two meetings in the same afternoon. The first used Zoom and I had constant problems with my sound. It was like Zoom was killing my volume, nobody could hear me after the first sentence or so. The second was on meet.mayfirst jitsi, another hour meeting, where I had no problems at all.


Ed Summers @edsu Fri 28 Oct 2022 6:45AM

@Flancian I do like the idea of proposing we join Mayfirst as a way of moving this simple calendar idea forward. It sounds like there would be other benefits as well, not the least of which is that some Mayfirst members might find out about us too! It seems like the $62/year should be manageable given the surplus? @Nathan Schneider or @Eduardo Mercovich is that something you want to propose or should I try to figure out how to do it on here? Or should we set up a meeting to discuss the proposal first?


Matt Noyes Fri 28 Oct 2022 3:09PM

Two things:

Is the $62/yr for individual memberships? If we join, as a co-op, shouldn't we pay more? On Meet.Coop, we are a multi-account user, paying more than an single account user.

Joining MayFirst is not just about signing up for services. It is also movement organization, so we should consider how we collectively feel about the mission and strategy of MayFirst and we should think seriously about how we can contribute beyond just paying dues.


Nathan Schneider Fri 28 Oct 2022 3:29PM

I think this is a great idea—given that both a) adding services and b) supporting other co-ops were both things that people were excited to do with our extra funds. And MF is a way of doing that without adding technical debt.

I'd recommend we join at a solidarity level of $125 or $250 annually, especially given that we have a large membership that could use the service.

I personally use MF NextCloud calendars daily, with never any issue. Member benefits could include:

  • Jitsi, as mentioned

  • Web hosting for Social.coop stuff

  • NextCloud file storage, forms, etc.

I'm excited for my MF member meeting later today!


Eduardo Mercovich Sun 30 Oct 2022 7:43PM

Hello everyone.

@Ed Summers If this proposal (that I very much support) goes on, I will be happy to present it along anyone that wants to (like @Bob Haugen to Jaime and Jamie to discuss.

As @Matt Noyes and @Nathan Schneider points out, yes we can have a higher level membership and better support members of both organizations. For example, give @social.coop email, Nextcloud space, addressbook and calendars, etc.

Do we make a formal proposal here before talking with MF, or do we have that brief talk first to understand better the possibilities and then flesh out a proposal? Or we can do both in parallel, of course. :)



Poll Created Sun 30 Oct 2022 8:33PM

Discuss MayFirst Membership Closed Wed 2 Nov 2022 8:02PM

by Ed Summers @edsu Wed 2 Nov 2022 9:02PM

(This is confusing, but to indicate your willingness to attend please see this poll with the time set properly.)

The purpose of this session is to discuss whether social.coop should become a mayfirst.coop member or to affiliate in some way with them. This came up initially in the context of having a shared calendar for social.coop since May First make a NextCloud service available to its members, and several social.coop members are also members of May First. But there could be other services and modes of participation that are of interest. We could consider a reciprocal arrangement where we make social.coop Mastodon accounts available to May First members?

Loose Agenda:

  1. Greetings

  2. What is MayFirst?

  3. What would be the benefits of MayFirst becoming a member of MayFirst (e.g. NextCloud calendars)

  4. What options are available for social.coop becoming a member (e.g. solidarity level of $125 or $250 annually)

  5. How do we collectively feel about the mission and strategy of MayFirst and its alignment with social.coop?

  6. What can social.coop offer to MayFirst to further the goal of cooperation among cooperatives?

  7. Next steps?

While discussing options for social.coop to have a shared calendar the idea of becoming a MayFirst member was raised. MayFirst offers NextCloud services to members (which includes a calendar and other fun/useful things) and which would mean we wouldn't have to run and maintain an instance ourselves. To build solidarity we could potentially could offer social.coop services to MayFirst users, since they are no longer running their own instance.

Lets try to find a time to discuss how to put together a proposal for social.coop members to consider.

PS. Leave a comment if you would like to participate and you aren't available in the times below, and more slots can be added (I think).


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