2021 October Monthly Guildwide Meeting

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Hi beautiful guild mates,

Thank you for participating in this month's Guild Wide meeting.

Facilitator - Jacquie @Jacquie

Secretary - Yuko @Yuko

Agenda & Note


Key takeaway and Updates

  • We discussed about "What Cooperative is" and our membership structure.

  • [Next Step] Revisiting STaTS

    • Suggestion - What about in the beginning of monthly meeting we go over what is needed/wanted for the space and we select who's doing what? (Thank you Amelia)

    • What's next -

      • PPAC STaTS (Community Care) Launch Planning

        Wednesday, October 135:30 – 6:30pm Zroom.PrimeProduce.Coop

  • [Next Step] Event Committee

    • October 8, Friday 3:30-5pm Zroom.PrimeProduce.coop

Please If you have any questions, please use Jerone's PPAC office hour on Oct 9 Sat 3:30-5pm.

Next Guild Wide Meeting is November 3rd Wed at 5:30-7pm EST.

Thank you,