Thu 2 Apr 2020 12:00PM

Community Democracy for Corona Mutual Aid

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This is it people!! This is the moment to bring local democracy into our communities! To transform the way our towns and cities connect, communicate and organise.

The rebel’s task, right now, is to steer our communities and mutual aid groups towards a sustainable and regenerative system that works for everyone.

The COVID-19 mutual aid movement is perfect, fertile soil for the practices of community-led democracy. The path forward is so simple: we start hosting online meetings for anybody in our street/community/town/mutual aid group. We facilitate these assemblies and make sure everyone gets a turn to speak, is listened to and respected. This is a small but revolutionary act against the old system - where people interrupt one another, privileged people take the lead, and others are ignored and forgotten. Against the society and politics that are driving us towards collapse.

This is Regenerative Rebellion: giving our communities a lived experience of democracy, inclusivity and care. Helping us listen to one another, connect as humans, and self-organise the mutual aid projects we need in this time of crisis.

And if we can organise mutual aid projects, why not food, energy and housing coops? Why not community education and land management projects?

Local democracy is a first step towards the new system (self, society, politics and economy) that we need in the face of the climate crisis.

Learn more here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y6IELvV-Rtpiis1V2z9veX9M3z8WsPNunXy2RkUr510/edit?usp=sharing

Please let us know if this resource is useful for you! Your feedback and ideas are incredibly welcome.

Big love, UK Community Democracy team x