Fri 6 Sep 2013 9:01PM

What type of land are we looking to live on?

BS Blaine Smith Public Seen by 18

We have established that about 12 acres would be a good size piece of land, but what kind of land are we looking for? Are we looking for something cheap and simple? Or forest land, mountain, desert? What kind of resources must the land provide that we are unable to supply ourselves?


Xich Quy Sun 8 Sep 2013 1:48AM

We need arable and open land with a source of water. Ideally, it should be located in an area where we could expand out.


Blaine Smith Mon 9 Sep 2013 3:29AM

Technically if we use hydroponics or something to grow the plants then we could grow it anywhere. A source of water would be nice, but with technology today you can get water from the humidity in the air. Expansion would be nice yes. I think a very important thing to think about though is what do you want from it? What do you want to look at every morning when you wake up?