Accessibility pathways for Nest 2019

IS Iona Steen Public Seen by 242

Should we make the main strip between the theme camps more accessibility by building a pathway which both preserves the grass but also means people with accessibility needs can get around easier?

We could perhaps make it into an artistic project- like a rainbow board walk, with lights ect ect

any ideas


Amandasm Tue 26 Mar 2019 3:30PM

So we may actually change it this year so that camps face the actual road, which might make it more accessible. However we might need a bit more effort to make the path all pretty-like. (This is still being sorted out at the moment - nothing final yet)


Iona Steen Sun 7 Apr 2019 10:21AM

There still remains parts camps and venues that willl only be accessible by the grass so I think we will go ahead and get grass mates to try to improve access to camps like crumpet for exsample


Amandasm Thu 18 Apr 2019 5:05PM

There will also be a daily time when there are shuttles to the temple for those who can't otherwise easily access it. The effigy will be near a road this time so I think it should be easy to check it out?