[elections form] can we change it a bit and adapt for more publicity to get signed?

J Josse Public Seen by 20

Now on the website, there is only one form for letting voters sign for the elections with name, surname, email and city. And it is below the article about the elections.

I think the form should be mentioned on the first page and should state for Wallonia that there is only one region (sub-province) participating. Then the form can more or less be the same.

For Flanders, it would be good to have it on the front page too, but I think we should let them tick: West-Flanders, Antwerp (Flemish), Antwerp (federal) and/or European. That way we can send the respective mails.


Ilja Sat 23 Feb 2019 12:05PM

I'm all for more visibility, so sure. I thought we'd have the form on the contribute page as well?


Josse Tue 14 May 2019 10:00PM

I added the debate in Berchem for Saturday on the Verkiezingen page.


Ilja Wed 15 May 2019 4:00AM

Is their already a link to follow online? I don't see it anywhere


Lander Meeusen Wed 15 May 2019 8:31AM

There's only a facebook-event as far as I know.


Josse Wed 15 May 2019 8:20PM

Details for streaming are not published yet, but it is probably fb. We can always suggest good alternatives of course. (feasible one, because not sure if everything is foreseen for audio, ... in a decent way)