Thu 3 Feb 2022 6:51PM

Search results order

AH Adam Hardy Public Seen by 67

It looks like the search functionality returns results in chronological order, i.e. newest last. Is it possible to reverse this? Our users mostly look for the most recent stuff first.


david rayner Fri 4 Feb 2022 3:15AM

i struck this feature the other day as well and found adding a date aspect helpful...


Robert Guthrie Fri 4 Feb 2022 4:04AM

oh dear, that is the opposite of good! I'll give this some attention. Thanks for the heads up @Adam Hardy


Robert Guthrie Fri 4 Feb 2022 10:21AM

@Adam Hardy which search field are you using?


Adam Hardy Fri 4 Feb 2022 11:08AM

Sorry, I'm mistaken - it looks as though the order is not chronological or reverse chrono. My screenshot:


Robert Guthrie Fri 4 Feb 2022 12:07PM

it's ugly eh. thanks for bringing it up, I'm working on an improvement.

The results are ordered by a relevancy score from the full-text search we do.. but I'm not happy with the quality of the results just yet.