Sun 26 Feb 2023 8:31PM

Nest 2023 Consent Team

CK C K Public Seen by 125

This year’s Nest will have a Consent Team and we have plans on how to improve participant safety in particular managing reports of incidents and concerns.

We already have a number of projects in the pipeline including an incident and concern reporting system (both electronic and physical ‘drop boxes’), curating consent workshops, consent risk assessments & procedures for theme camps, as well as engaging consent activities during Nest.

If you are interested in running a consent related workshop please contact us and we can help with the content as well as finding a suitable placement for you during Nest.

Applications are open to join the Consent Team. You can find out more about what the team is about and apply to join via this link https://tinyurl.com/Nest2023ConsentTeamApp.

If you have any comments or questions please get in touch with CK the Consent Link via [email protected].