Q4 How long should the convention last?

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We have been examining this question through a series of public events and a survey. We are doing this to help build a shared vision among democracy campaigners so that we can:
a) engage with the Trickett/King's initiative and campaign to make it have a better public interest outcome and
b) design and initiate our own process if the King's/Trickett proposal turns out to be insufficient.

We are moving this discussion to Loomio for a limited time in order to bring this discussion to a conclusion and see if there are any unifying statements we can agree on. These will then be put forward to the next convention planning group meeting on 11 September for possible adoption.

You are invited to propose unifying statements (using the green button at the top right-hand of the page) drawing on our work to date (see below) to see what support they receive from other participants. You can also comment on, discuss and vote on proposals that others have made. Those statements receiving the most support will be considered for adoption at the meeting of the next convention planning group on 11 September.

Work so far on this question:

i) Popular responses from the survey we conducted after the public meeting at the House of Commons on 10 May:

The convention should last about a year or as long as is necessary.

ii) Results of the temperature check of statements suggested at the end of our day of deliberation on 16 July 2106:

  • 24 months for a well drafted constitution (much longer than Iceland because of larger and diverse population) (73%)
  • Convention should be thought of as an iterative process – question should be how long should the first iteration last? (69%)
  • Multiple time scales (some short term, some long) (60%)
  • Most Conventions that have taken place have lasted 6-9 months (and cost about 50000 euros per person) (57%)