Mon 27 Mar 2023 2:12PM

Is there a limit to number of members in a sub-group?

JDC Jen Dot Com Public Seen by 61

Hi - we have loomio community addition, and I've just created a sub-group. When I go to add members it displays that I have "12 invitations remaining" - does this mean there is a maximum of 12 people per sub-group?

Thanks! (sorry if this is in the docs, I couldn't find it)


Michael Mon 27 Mar 2023 9:39PM

@Jen Dot Com thanks for checking in on this.

Your community group is on one of our old legacy subscription plans - Small (Community). That particular plan was limited to 50 people in total for the group and any subgroups.

So you can have up to 50 people in each subgroup. And there is no limit on the number of subgroups.

The "12 invitations remaining" applies when inviting new people who are not already a member of the 'parent' group. However you can invite existing group members to your subgroup.

Our new Community plans provide for up to 100 people. You can see the plans at https://www.loomio.com/pricing