Thu 8 Aug 2019 5:51PM

How to make the rooms more beautiful

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I wanted to invite some ideas specifically around this


Luke Flegg Thu 8 Aug 2019 5:59PM

I think Loomio works best when conversation happens first, and this leads to proposals, rather than just rushing straight into a proposal that's not emerged from any kind of group discussion. I'm sure much of the content on here now is kinda just playing with the tool, so that may be obvious, but I'm starting a definitely real thread here so wanted to be clear! 馃

So (as well as plants which has been mentioned) I'm thinking straight off the bat

  • Lighting
    Lampshades, etc - basically anything except strip lights / lights that are direct, hard (rather than reflected or diffused) lights. Also non-white lights are great I think. So tungsten (warm, homely orange) or colours. I think subtle, pastelly colours can be beautiful, like the Brighton pavilion

  • Seating
    Sofas! 2nd hand cheap fun comfy loungey cuddly friendly sofas say 'feel at home here' to me. They feel like the building is giving me a hug, and I think it's fine if it's not 100% brand spanking new. Couple of bean bags also cool.

It might be smart to decide a style / theme for Arc, or possibly different rooms could have different styles; eg. one which is more colourful multi cultural - rugs, wood, hanging cloths on walls, etc.. paintings / art on the walls too?


Michaela Brady Fri 9 Aug 2019 8:40AM

I'm a fan of less harsh lighting for sure. I also proposed a while back to perhaps have a community mural, where we get professional/aspiring painters to do a foundation (like a tree or field or something) and then we have guests add to it if they wish. Painting could also be an event in itself, and then people have something nice to see when they walk in that reminds them they are part of this community.

In terms of style, I think more d茅cor in general is a good idea, and perhaps we could make the caf茅/workspace very warm and welcoming, while the main room is a more neutral tone since it's multi-purpose.


Pasco Wed 21 Aug 2019 2:44PM

From James:

How do we get the various groups at Arc to know of each other & share ideas ? We already have all the ingredients, lets get cooking ;-)

Perhaps a beautifully designed notice board, a drop-in pod, weekly/monthly meetings for regular event hosts/ tide in with our dinners?

Love to hear your thoughts & potential action points :-)

@findenlight i'm copying your question here, this feels like a whole new thread though, i'd recommend starting back at the home page & hitting 'new thread' with this info. :)