Blackley and Broughton Currently agreed Policy

SB Steven Burgess Public Seen by 282

This is a composite of all agreements and motions passed at previous meeting to provide a summary of what Blackley and Broughton for Jeremy Corbyn curently is discussing, planning and executing.

1) Steve will remain chair for the time being.
2) Stella and Jade will manage social media between them, Steven will support twitter updates.

3) The group will a simplified list of policies to show local people and local groups Jeremy's acheivements.

4) B&B is a local action group, but some support for national campaigns in support of Jeremy was discussed.

5) It was agreed to provide group members with details of how to participate in phone banking.

6) Steven described an extensive and growing list of Corbynite activists in the North West to allow people to contact others in their own constituencies but focussed most specifically on Blackley and Broughton. Steve agreed to maintain and grow this contact list to include all B&B branches and Corbynite contacts.

7) Steven described how with Graham Stringer's opposition to the coup against Corbyn, he didnt beleive there wasn't any urgent need to change our MP but that rumours had been around for a long time that Graham might retire and that we needed to be ready for a candidate selection process.

Steve agreed to call additional urgent meetings for everyone together if there were urgent local motions or other significant votes coming up at the local CLP or BLPs, for example a vacancy for the constituencies parliamentary candidate. This has now been included as a rule.

8) There was a brief discussion about the value of becoming a momentum branch. Some thought it better to be an informal group instead. Steven will open a full discussion of this possibility at a subsequent meeting.