Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:16AM

Discuss: 7 To do list

CS Chris Setz Public Seen by 222

Send people the program of the away a couple of days in advance.
Ask people to confirm participation if possible, but not a problem if they cannot be sure until the day. Propose that for those who cannot participate, organizers/facilitators are willing to arrange a second group session, or individual sessions so that the discussions can reach everyone who is interested, and so that people's stories are added onto the timeline, so as to make it as inclusive as possible.
Brief description space: Dick's House (Address), large garden, possibility to bring children.
Food: ask people to bring food for a collective meal.


Gabi Mon 30 Jul 2018 10:20PM

I asked Amy to add a small update on the organizing meeting agenda with some of the things we thought was important to mention. There I said we would send the program shortly, maybe we can try to have it by the end of the meeting on Wednesday? I don't think it should be too detailed, but just so that people may have a general sense of what will be discussed and a rough idea about times.