Sun 22 Jan 2017 5:22PM

annotating blog posts from p2pfoundation in the wiki

RO Rudolf Olah Public Seen by 413

the idea is to pull in the more active blog content from https://blog.p2pfoundation.net/ and annotate it with internal wiki links and external ones

on the wiki it would just be a page of p2p blog posts, with the titles of each post linking back to the blog and underneath it a list of related topics/items, maybe some annotated quotes:

> * A new post-capitalist ecosystem of value creation
> > CBPP projects do have systems of quality control that represent a kind of benevolent hierarchy or heterarchy



Maïa Dereva Sun 22 Jan 2017 5:51PM

It would be automated?


Simon Grant Sun 22 Jan 2017 8:24PM

This may be something that the Commons Transition Wiki people would consider first. I was thinking that the P2PF Wiki is kept more like a notebook. Primarily it is Michel's notebook, but if others want to contribute in the same spirit as Michel, with practice that is not too far away from his, great!


Michel Bauwens Mon 23 Jan 2017 6:18AM

could be an interesting experiment,

could be either tried on the CT wiki as suggested, or in a special section of the main wiki, to see how it works first,

but the integration of blog and wiki is of course very valuable,

the sad truth is that blogs are not used for longer term searches and that there is so much valuable material there,



Stacco Troncoso Mon 23 Jan 2017 8:54AM

I think that the tagging system in the blog does that function (as far as searches as concerned). This, of course, depends on clear, consistent tagging on posts.


Simon Grant Mon 23 Jan 2017 9:23AM

Certainly I can see a non-automated version of this working in a way, if people chose to do it. What I'm not so sure about is how to relate the different functions and practices. Let me explain..

On a blog, one of the key features is to have comment and possibly debate, in the blog comments. In my experience, this happens best immediately after the blog's publication. But, related to what Michel said above, blog posts don't have much long-term presence.

I guess we all recognise blogs as viewpoints of individuals, which are very valuable in their own way. We do have P2PF wiki articles for individual talks etc, usually labelled in the style of "Fred Bloggs on Some Important Topic", and this could be extended for blog posts, for particularly notable individuals writing something of particular interest. Also on the wiki we have Bio articles, and it would be useful to use these bio pages to index all of that individual's writings and presentations on P2P-relevant topics.

What is really good about the wiki, in my view, is the way it centers around topics. So it would be valuable to put links to relevant blog posts on the topic pages.

I can't yet imagine a realistic way of automating either of these functions, however, without introducing more "noise" to the system, potentially making the more valuable content more difficult to find. (Though, of course, different people may value different things.)

And it doesn't make sense to me to duplicate the content of whole posts from the blog to the wiki.

I would be very interested, though, to help think through any suggested ways forward.


Rudolf Olah Mon 23 Jan 2017 12:33PM

This would definitely be done manually rather than automatically.

@asimong Yes that would be the better idea: linking to relevant p2pf blog posts within p2pf wiki pages.

@michelbauwens1 I'm not sure what the best way is for blog posts to link back to p2pf wiki or to CT wiki. small editorial note of "please link back to the wiki whenever you can"? Or would that be too intrusive in terms of the writing/editing process?


Maïa Dereva Mon 23 Jan 2017 1:01PM

It's interesting because we have the same issue with the new French Blog "Les communs d'Abord" (curation and original articles about the commons). Why not add a private field in the articles of the blog, a "To quote in the wiki" checkbox .
So we could code a page which lists the articles where this box is checked with the title and the URL easy to copy and paste?


Danyl Strype Mon 13 Feb 2017 11:30PM

@rudolfo let me restate your suggestion to see if I'm understanding it correctly. You are suggesting that volunteers copy/paste the text of blog pieces into the wiki, so they can become living articles, with annotations and links added over time as they are with any wiki page. A link back to the original piece on the blog would inform readers that a wiki page began as a copy of a blog piece, so the original author's voice is not lost. Is this correct? If so, it sounds like a good way to both add material to the wiki, and keep the material written for the blog alive.


Michel Bauwens Wed 15 Feb 2017 2:20PM

what I would like to see is to work from our most popular pages down, i.e. the most popular pages are the ones that should look the best, and encourage people to use our wiki even more,

the most simple thing would be to use the title of the entry, as 'search topic' on the blog, to see if any blog article can enhance that wiki entry,