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Wheelchair Ramp

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Kia ora friends, No Pride in Prisons would like to make a Wheelchair Ramp; before the Film on Sat 14th May.
Murdoch suggested 19 Tory could help to fund the materials etc for it, how about it? Will make a proposal on this...


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No Pride in Prisons proposes to make Disabled Ramp for 19 Tory.
Hoping to get funds for materials to make it? Also will be asking Bunnings to donate offcuts of the wood for cheap or free.


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Kat Upenatem
Sun 8 May 2016 1:08AM

This should be called Wheelchair Ramp or Access Ramp. (Proposal doesn't allow editing of terms in Loomio - or does it?)


Kat Upenatem
Sun 8 May 2016 1:33AM

I don't mind which door. if you agree, please indicate your preference for MAIN DOOR, SIDE DOOR, or DON'T MIND WHICH DOOR on your comment. Also, title should be called Wheelchair Ramp. (Proposal doesn't allow editing in Loomio - or does it?)


Sun 8 May 2016 10:50PM

I don't mind which door


Mon 9 May 2016 7:04AM

This is great! I think we need to have the design fully thought out, and wheelchair users consulted before we put money into it. But this is something we've been needing to do for a long time, thanks for doing this Kat


Kat Upenatem Sat 7 May 2016 12:28PM

It will be a removable ramp -- so we don't need consent. Click on this link -- should give you a draft picture. https://web.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10207420405200811&set=p.10207420405200811&type=3&theater Have checked gradient specifications, absolute minimum specs are 1:6 for a thresh-hold ramp, although 1:8 or 1:9 is better. Footpath is 260 cm wide so 1:6 is the more likely (120 cm long) -- will make it longer if we can manage to. needs room to safely manoever the wheelchair onto the ramp without falling off into the gutter! 1:6 is not the idealest, because that gradient may require help to push the wheelchair up the ramp, which might feel less independent to some people, but we have to work with what we can. will make it longer and gradient less steep if at all possible.


Kat Upenatem Sat 7 May 2016 12:30PM

Also if anyone has carpentry skills who can help, or can temporarily lend funds to buy materials, please please text me on 021-031-9032 -- or phone if u like. :-)


Murdoch Sat 7 May 2016 9:12PM

I don't think we can feasibly use a ramp that extends halfway out onto the street even if it is a temporary structure. Would it be possible to have one that worked in parallel to the entrance/window?


Kat Upenatem Sat 7 May 2016 11:49PM

Spoke to Murdoch via phone, he said if it was designed as a temporary removable ramp, just placed down for a few moments and then taken up, that would potentially be okay, even if not side-on/parallel. Without a permanent ramp currently yet, we would like to make it easier for wheelchairs to get into 19 Tory if required, in the meantime. There are two doors so there are two main options, both for removable temporary ramps. The considerations are, which door would feel the most dignity, safety and convenience to wheelchair users; and how to make the ramp the the easiest to place down and remove quickly.


The lowest step is the side door at 9 cm high, a ramp could extend 54 cm into the footpath (footpath is 180 cm wide) and be light and easy to remove, especially if made of rubber; a wooden ramp can be made quite easily. However, entering through that door means the person in the wheelchair is not coming through the same door as everyone else; it requires someone on the other side to push the green button to open the door and assist with the ramp, and after entering it also requires both back doors to be open. Also it requires entering through a narrower back door. The inner inner back door is only 80 cm wide. Rubber door stops must be provided on both the inner doors (door stops are very cheap) to hold doors open safely without extra obstruction to corridor width. 80 cm inner inner door is narrow but feasible (just) -- asTypical wheelchair dimensions are 60 to 70 cm wide according to this https://web.facebook.com/photo.php? fbid=10207425575090055&set=p.10207425575090055&type=3&theater

Main advantage is potentially more dignity and a 10 cm wider door; but might make it more difficult for people in wheelchair to enter due to ramp height and weight; therefore it's a trade off; main door might not have that many advantages.
Option 2 for the main door involves temporary removable ramp which would be put down momentarily; it would enable wheelchair users to enter through the same door as everyone else, without anyone needing to go round the side and push the button; it would enable entering through a 90 cm wide door instead of 80 cm wide. however the ramp would still have to be placed down and taken up. Front on is better than side on; even if side-on (parallel to window) as Murdoch suggested, it would still extend into footpath (footpath is 280 cm wide) and it would be heavier to move etc and harder to make, potentially more expensive. A rubber ramp would be more helpful for such a door, but also more expensive. A wooden ramp has been designed for this door and can potentially be made.


Kat Upenatem Sun 8 May 2016 4:44AM

Have talked with Kieran who is a nurse (and who is lending his power tools and some construction advice.) He said, best to consult with some people in wheelchairs, even if that takes longer than one week. In the meantime, we are exploring our options for improving accessibility before Saturday.

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