Tue 23 Sep 2014 12:58AM

Gradual user sign ups.

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See the github issue for previous discussion:


What we ended on is figuring out a flow where non-logged in users can start creating a guide, their email is asked for, and then they receive an email confirming their account.

I think it's a good idea.


Ryan Fri 26 Sep 2014 7:47PM

I pretty much agree with everything said so far :) I think creating a guide is a fairly large endeavor someone sets out to undertake so asking for login/signup doesn't seem ridiculous here and prevents a lot of wonkiness on the backend, abandoned guides, etc.


Mike Beggs Sat 27 Sep 2014 2:14PM

I support the (somewhat) later account creation when someone wants to create a guide. However, I think it needs to be clear from the outset that any effort being expended to create a guide will be saved and will be editable by the author. It seems reasonable to have that tied to a login step. Having a "Create a Guide" button that takes you to a page showing the steps as a flow chart along the side or top to provide an idea of what is involved in creating a guide and where the login will occur could be one way. The flow chart could be "checked off" to show where in the process the author is and what's left to do (maybe a graphic that grows from a sprouting seed to a fruit bearing plant as the guide is assembled?)

While on the subject of registration, I think it is entirely reasonable and even welcoming to have a "Join the Community" button that is tagged with a brief explanation that the user's experience can be personalized and that guides can be created and saved if they register. I would also recommend a clear explanation be provided when the button is hovered over or clicked that only a valid email address is needed, no credit card numbers will be requested, they will only get email from the community organizer to confirm their enrollment, their name or other identifying information will not be displayed (unless they choose - a whole other topic of how to identify authors?), and there is no mind numbing user agreement to page through and agree to.


Ryan Sat 27 Sep 2014 9:29PM

I think we can keep registration short and sweet. I don't think there's much convincing that has to be done. When a user tries to save a guide, use advance filters, or create a guide we just explain that the user will need to register for us to keep track, credit them for their work, etc and give them a chance to start into that flow, maybe even with a two field form to start (email/pass).