Drawing in Groups to Help

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Let's invite people and groups to participate.
Anti-Racist or Ethnic Sensitivity "training" is being scheduled. I don't think its sure that we will use a "Trademarked" trainer, maybe we will. In any case, its going to be tough, very tough. But we have to do it. Its scheduled Wed July 30 before the official event. I hope interested people will get into this discussion. Those who have a burn for this and will show up on Wed July 30 (before the official event), should indicate their desire to participate so that Sacramento can arrange to accommodate the event and the people.


Sally G Thu 8 May 2014 12:39AM

IF I get to NatGat, I would certainly plan the extra day. However, it is unlikely that I will. I wonder if it is amenable to being streamed? (not everything is)


Justin Thu 8 May 2014 3:38AM

Why not invite one of the dozen or so Occupy groups who work around this issue?


Sally G Thu 8 May 2014 4:56PM

Certainly worth considering; the feeling as I understand it was that there are local folks with the requisite skills, but I believe that there is a group working on this locally (@delphinebrody, Sea, come to mind); that group would be the folks to ask that question to.


Sea Thu 8 May 2014 6:08PM

Sally. I talk to delphine. She’s part of this group. The Sacramento GA needs help doing this training. Why wouldn’t we want to weigh in?


Sally G Fri 9 May 2014 2:33AM

Just the opposite, I thought you all WOULD want to make the arrangements, not someone form out of town. Yes, if you want help, we are here to help; @justin2, do you have a list of those Occupys? Are you offering to reach out to them?


Justin Fri 9 May 2014 3:00AM

I am not offering to help just suggesting, again we ask Occupy instead of trying to solve/ plan everything...

We have comrades. They'd love to be apart of the effort..

We just need to reach out directly if possible..


Sally G Fri 9 May 2014 3:04AM

Great, it seems that you and Sea are in agreement; maybe at our next Facebook party we could ask that? Or should we just Tweet out a request? I am not sure of the logistics to get the ball rolling.


Tricia Fri 9 May 2014 11:00AM

Is there a list or a way to find the dozen or so Occupy Groups who work around this issue?


Tricia Fri 9 May 2014 12:23PM

Good and enlightening reading as we move forward together.

Accomplices not Allies



Sea Sun 11 May 2014 7:50PM

Tricia, that site looks very good.

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