Drawing in Groups to Help

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Let's invite people and groups to participate.
Anti-Racist or Ethnic Sensitivity "training" is being scheduled. I don't think its sure that we will use a "Trademarked" trainer, maybe we will. In any case, its going to be tough, very tough. But we have to do it. Its scheduled Wed July 30 before the official event. I hope interested people will get into this discussion. Those who have a burn for this and will show up on Wed July 30 (before the official event), should indicate their desire to participate so that Sacramento can arrange to accommodate the event and the people.


Sally G Sun 11 May 2014 8:43PM

@triciafromphilly I have “nudged” Cal from another discussion to put him in touch with Occupy Sacramento for sharing info on local trainers. I will also e-mail him.


oswgwhe Fri 13 Jun 2014 4:41AM

Let's talk up what we'll do on July 30.


Cal Fri 13 Jun 2014 7:14AM

On June 1, Sharon Smith sent this (a list of training orgs):
(The one that I took 9 years ago is the one that's now being offered by Training For Change.)


Cal Fri 13 Jun 2014 7:16AM

And I believe that Delphine has been in dialogue with the Catalyst group about coming on the 30th. (I don't currently know what stage she's at with them.)


oswgwhe Fri 13 Jun 2014 3:15PM

I think the 30th is going to be creative and hopefully influence our movement from here on out. Folk should use this discussion to talk freely about these issues, and not feel that they have to be politically correct, or such. We actually have two prospective sites for the work and both will allow camping that night.

For those who want to participate, and actually build the event, see the new Ethnic Sensitivity / Anti-Racism group. Join it if you want to sincerely make this deep change in our psyches.


oswgwhe Fri 13 Jun 2014 8:45PM

We'll be able to march from the training to the Capitol.


Lisa Sat 14 Jun 2014 6:08PM

I hope Delphine will be at our Sac Natgat meeting today. Let's find out where she is on this, and if she hasn't finalized things with Catalyst, what it would take to nail this down. I believe they asked for a donation for $2,000 which would be tough to raise, but they would do the training anyway, even if the money isn't raised.


oswgwhe Sun 15 Jun 2014 6:06PM

I hear Lisa above. I think that money is not at issue anymore.

I think the soul / heart beginning of the Gathering will be on Wed July 30. The ethnic sensitivity training is going to be a rich event, it would seem. Our most promising site can accommodate many people and overnight and Thu morning they'll be able to march to the Capitol. Press conferences will have preceded them on Mon and Tue, July 28, 29.

If indeed it is a rich event, it will require lots of discussion on this thread. If we get lots of discussion on this thread, then persons will gravitate to the Ethnic Sensitivity Preparation group. Those people, who want to build the event and want to be there on Wed, will decide the final format of the event, including any expenses.


Sally G Sun 15 Jun 2014 6:34PM

I have my (nonrefundable) ticket for Tuesday evening. The last few days, I have been almost wishing that I didn’t—but I am seeing glimmers of coöperation that could re-energize me.


oswgwhe Sun 15 Jun 2014 10:17PM

Talking it up without being politically correct! Please forgive my male ego for continuing. ;-|(

The reason no National political group has ever begun by eliminating racism, sexism, and ethnic imperialism, is because the three are actually dissembled surplus value. To understand surplus value, you have to do geo-mathematics, which is opposite the type of mathematics done. To give a hint: mathematics is done with the metaphor x/1 (x divided by 1). Geo-mathematics is done with the metaphor 1/x (1 divided by x). The discovery of surplus value happened in chapters of 1-11 of Marx's Das Kapital. The x/1 or 1/x business is in Chapter 9.

Folk may think I'm only confusing the issue by mentioning surplus value. If so, and if I'm genuine, can we unravel the confusion? IMHO the “ethnic sensitivity” training and thereby the the gathering, depend on us making the Wed event, rich indeed! If we can't talk it up, we shouldn't do it. We don't need to be politically correct. While we must have a desire to participate both horizontally and vertically.

All this aside, isn't it true that if Blacks, marginalized groups, and the USA's unique Sovereign Nationals are not intimately involved, our success will be limited accordingly? Can we all get to Sacramento by early Wed morning and help each other do our homework?

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