Sun 1 Jun 2014 3:48PM

A new coffee machine? (3rd floor)

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As our previous coffe machine passed away some weeks ago, we need a replacement solution.


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by Maxime POUWELS Wed 26 Apr 2017 9:28AM

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Dieu Uyen Dang
Mon 2 Jun 2014 7:35AM

Not for my sake but I can see how guys feel weird with empty hands chatting in the terrace and how somes nod off during work.


Florian Debove
Wed 4 Jun 2014 5:05AM

My doctors said "don't drink too much cafe da ko duong, your blood pressure is way too high"


Duc HA DUONG Mon 2 Jun 2014 5:20AM

How many coffees/day ? Suggest to put the machine in the kitchen because it is very noisy and it would make it more accessible to everyone and it would promote more encounters.


Maxime POUWELS Mon 2 Jun 2014 6:52AM

Or maybe a sound-proof machine?
Regarding the kitchen, what will the ladies from the cafeteria next door think of it?


Anais Victor Tue 10 Jun 2014 9:16AM

You're talking about the same machine as OffyCaire ??!!
Oulala troi oi, too noisy !!! it's impossible we should put it directly on the terrace...