What does Diaspora Community mean to you?

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tortoise Tue 11 Sep 2012 7:54PM

Here are some ideas to start the discussion:
Please share:
1. what you want from the community?
2. what you would like to contribute?
3. what sort of culture do you want to see blossom?
4. what improvements would you like to see made?
5. what suggestions do you have to make such improvements?
6. what do you see is working well/great/fantastic already?
7. what would you have to see to believe that the community is what you think it should be?


groovehunter Tue 11 Sep 2012 8:07PM

:) smile , this is sort of topic which can be held inside our diaspora software , isn't it?!

No proposal needed - Involve many people - attract others to the inner circle of contributors - and so on.

... which brings me to the idea to supporting people who love transferring these background meta topics to a pod, posting it, refactoring the opinions of the people in the thread (on wiki ie) and reposting here on loom.io


altruism Tue 11 Sep 2012 8:25PM

madame, any special reason for not having this discussion in the governance group?


groovehunter Tue 11 Sep 2012 8:37PM

Yeah, btw what about moving threads and other admin features, is there a manual?


altruism Tue 11 Sep 2012 8:41PM

Grover, good question... I will e-mail Rich about it.


Brent Bartlett Tue 11 Sep 2012 9:06PM

madamephilo: Did you mean to create a new group? Or just a new discussion?


tortoise Tue 11 Sep 2012 9:12PM

@Brent et al: well I don't know. It seems like the canter of the group is to discuss all this technical stuff. I was wanting to address the more general or high-level goals.

So I wanted to separate that out.

Governance seems to me to be more about our rules and actions. This discussion doesn't seem to fit there.


Dave Yingling Wed 12 Sep 2012 12:19AM

It's important to know where we are going as a whole. Not which protocols we use or which js libraries and frameworks. There should be a place to discuss what we are trying to accomplish on the macro scale and how to get there. Maybe that's the strategy team, but we really need to say "what do the users want" (first) and then "how can we give them the tools and community to get there" (second).


tortoise Wed 12 Sep 2012 7:14AM

@DaveY: Music to my ears.


tortoise Wed 12 Sep 2012 7:36AM

OK I will try to be an example here:

What does Diaspora Community mean to me?

Community to me is more than the developers. Even though developers are a very valuable group in the overall makeup of the Community, Community is also the occasional Stream Surfer. Or Paddler, take your pick.

So that should define the ends of the spectrum of members of the Diaspora Community.

Community is also what the community does for itself to nurture itself. The raison d'etre for Diaspora was...
1. to share my content with people whom I want to share it.
2. to control my data expediently with easy-to-use tools.
3. to possess a reasonable feeling of privacy and safety with regard to my data being displayed and my interactions being discreet if I desire that (using 'nyms, aspects, hitting ignore, using filters, etc.)
- (and maybe some other things...)

But I would also like to see that the Community that allows me:
A. to possess an easy understanding where to go for help, and to whom I can go to quickly to ask questions if I need help (Help can include teaching me to help myself).
B. to be vocal with fellow Sporians to the media and to legislators in my sphere of influence, in order to educate them what a safe, free web is all about, and what that actually means to me.
C. to organize with other Sporians to act meaningfully in our combined sphere of influence with the hope we might see a reversal in the rising tide of surveillance society, as represented by FaceBook.
D. to work with fellow Sporians to promote a diverse decentralized distributed social network all over the Internet, and even perhaps to assist or collaborate with other projects who share our same objectives and goals of a safe, free web that is privacy sensitive and non-commercial.

So that's what Diaspora Community means to me. I mean that's what I'd like it to mean to me.

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