Thu 2 Dec 2021 2:33PM

Scheduling Monthly Guild Wide meeting

Y Yuko Public Seen by 25

Hi Guild Mates,

Thank you for attending the last monthly meeting of 2021. Trying to figure out what day of the week would be ideal as monthly meeting in 2022. In the past, we've tried

  • 1st Tuesday of the month 5:30pm EST

  • Alternating 1st Tuesday & Wednesday of the month 5:30pm EST

Once we have better idea of your availability, we'll take a poll/vote.

Please comment below your preferred day of the week.

Thank you. xoxo


michelle jackson Thu 2 Dec 2021 2:43PM

Either is fine with me


Yuko Thu 2 Jun 2022 8:56PM

Hi Guild mates! As per yesterday's meeting. Bringing this thread back to see availability for people. We definitely would love to plan something that's in person, perhaps food related gathering in the future, but for now taking some temperature.. following are mentioned yesterday.

  • Weekday Day time (If you have a preferred day(s), please list that here!)

  • Weekday Evening

  • Weekend

  • Beginning of the month

  • middle of the month

  • End of the month

Sending love and light



Michael Paone Fri 3 Jun 2022 12:55PM

Both work for me currently. I like the alternating option.


R Mon 6 Jun 2022 11:02AM

End of month, Friday