Mobile app wrappers?

ELP Edward L Platt Public Seen by 73

I recently started volunteering with a group that uses Loomio. Several of the members expressed concern that Loomio wasn't mobile friendly. I was surprised to hear that and asked for more info about what they meant. One of the concerns that came up repeatedly was that there was not a native app. It seems like many of the members were more comfortable using native apps than apps in a browser becasue 1. browsers can take up space on a small screen, 2. if someone has many tabs open, it is easy for one to get lost, 3. some user's workflows are based around native apps and switching between native apps and browser tabs can add friction.

With all this said, I completely understand the reasons for favoring a web app over native apps, and I like that Loomio is web-first. To make it more accessible to users who are comfortable with native apps, would it be possible to create native wrappers for the web app to put in the various app stores?


Robert Guthrie Sun 10 Jul 2022 10:33PM

Hi @Edward L Platt - thanks for raising this. It's a long standing request, but we're slowly working towards it.

I agree with all the concerns/issues about our current implementation raised by your group. I'd also add that push notifications (and reminders) are important for facilitating timely decisions with mobile users.

Yes, the plan is to add a mobile wrapping around the web based app - probably using (https://capacitorjs.com/), and ideally, before the end of the year.