Sun 10 Jun 2018 4:26PM

CoHousing vs Condos as an opportunity to curate "Micro-communities"

BW Bill Wendel Public Seen by 279

"All my friends are saying the same thing: 'We're done with househunting. We want to find a community.' " Is the #DIY CoLiving / CoHousing the next big thing? Is it already?

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Case study: Design-builder (Home Reimagined) is forming a four-unit condo in a landmark property on the National Historic Registry in walking distance to beach in Lynn's Diamond District, known more than a century ago as "Little Newport."

Is it possible to subdivide and curate a small condo building for long-term compatibility? What would intergenerational micro-community from Heaven look & feel like? How can active baby boomers identify, select co-owners who also value, want "family compound"-like harmony to Age in Community?

The units under development in Lynn could be an ideal opportunity for #GoldenGirlsMovement, but need not be limited to that market segment. The intergenerational macro-opportunity is HUGE and growing organically, from the bottom up. See our 2015 blog post on #CoLiving / #CoHousing: