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Best way to leverage #HousingForAll series in @CambMA?

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Comment submitted via survey from Cambridge Historical Society

Lynn / @CambridgeHS,

First, thank you for hosting the #HousingForAll series. The first session was very informative, and your discussion booklet invites the audience into the solution making process.

Seeing housing through the lens of history is an important step in that process. As you may know, the UN is hosting a global conversation about the future of cities and housing this week at #Habitat3 in Ecuador; and closer to home, there are multiple groups in both Cambridge and Boston addressing the affordable housing crisis from different perspectives.

If you visit http://bit.ly/RE2020 you will see Tweets about what the real estate ecosystem will look like in by the year 2020. More than talk, #RE2020 is designed to make tangible progress quarterly on multiple fronts related that are transforming the real estate eco-system.

Towards that end, I've already corresponded with Barry Bluestone and several other people about initiatives we've been pursuing before #HousingForAll. If you'd like to know more, please follow #RE2020 on Twitter or join this collaborative platform:


As you've probably already seen, I've also corresponded with @TheAgoraBeta about the possibility of using their site rather than / or in addition to our existing site to explore collaborations in the future. Does @CambridgeHS view #HousingForAll as a speaker series, or an ongoing forum for social decision making, policy formation, etc? If so, where does someone like me and others involved directly or indirectly in #RE2020 fit in?

Assuming others are asking that question, want to experiment with @TheAgoraBeta or with idea starters on our existing platform?

Bill Wendel

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