Sun 1 Sep 2013 2:40PM

Yammer as our main Triclops Toolset

SB Saeeda Bukhari Public Seen by 9

Re Judith’s suggestion that we use Yammer and it does provide a lot. Its not something for collective decision making and voting so I don’t think it crosses over too much on loomio, which is more a tool for democratic decision making, created by the occupy movement.

Yammer is more a replacment for everything we have on google at the moment.

So to be clear. It replaces google drive with a more powerful cloud based drive.
It replaces google docs with Microsoft Office. So we can use track changes and add easily to documents. This is all now on Cloud so people can work in real time in different countries on the same drive.

It integrates sharepoint which has all the organising tools and integrates with excel in Cloud. You can embed Wordpress and RSS feeds and domain names.

Sharepoint has a front end public website too you can use if you want.

So we could have people use our domain www.triclops.org and they would see a public webpage which has a backend yammer social network etc.

If you are interested I could start a small sub group and we could see if we should take it further.

The big worry is that it is not free, if we think its best we need to get cash together and do things like register as a not for profit in some countries to get tax breaks etc. Also its a big software company not a little coop making it which is why its so good I guess.

Anyway if anybody wants to trial this with me. Let me know and we can start experimenting.

if we need to still use things like loomio for democratic decision making we can embed links and iframes into the webpage that is the front for all of this.


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Two or three of us prototype yammer making sure it has all the functionality we need.


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Saeeda Bukhari
Sun 1 Sep 2013 2:43PM

I think its potentially the most powerful tool we could pick up. The downside is its not open source or creative commons friendly.

Its says its easy to integrate, it says its easy to take your data out. Lets check if it is.


Justine Mcfarlane
Tue 3 Sep 2013 2:56AM

All part of the discovery and finding out how we can work better. It might be good to have someone else test the yammer as I am helping test this tool out


Keith Scanlon
Tue 3 Sep 2013 10:21PM

We should test it - not just a functionality test (which is important) but also a value test with some planned criteria, e.g. Is a great tool at significant cost better than a quite good tool for free? When do we know we can afford the upgrade? Etc.


Saeeda Bukhari Thu 5 Sep 2013 1:38PM

Keith, Are you volunteering??????