2021 August Guild Wide Meeting

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This is a recap from August Meeting

1) Docs we went over 

August Meeting Agenda Doc PPAC Community Agreement Working Doc2021 Retroview; Goals and Visions for PPAC & its priority

2) Office Hours & Potluck

- If you have any questions about the meeting doc, about the guild, about the community, ...how to get involved..Jerone and Max areare hosting a PPAC office Hours on 8/13 Friday at 7pm EDT at Zroom.PrimeProduce.Coop

- If you just wanna hang out, some of us are getting together this Friday 8/6 around 7:30pm for Potluck. Bring food/drink and come join us. Thank you @Amelia for kicking this off! 

3) Newsletter and Social Media posting submission 

 For any listing, please send 2-3 sentence blurb about your project, a photo, and links to [email protected]by 8/10 5pm EDT. 

Thank you all and if you have any questions, comments, please feel free to reply to this email. ;) 

love and light