Mon 18 Oct 2021 7:32AM

Explore the Underground

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Would’ve like a poll to have been possible for a start time but Fran and I have almost no flexibility. We’re going to meet online on this Wednesday (20th) at 6:30pm, to discuss the ‘Explore the Underground’ event on Saturday, Oct 30th.

Thought I should pop this on here for anyone that isn’t in the whattsapp group. If you haven’t heard of the event at all yet, it is centred around soil testing with a Halloween theme (hence underworld).

Running order looks like this;

10am gardening

11am soil test

1pm Lunch + consultation presentation recap

2pm open mic + fire

Meeting to discuss the details and propose edits

Lots of love x


Tallulah Mon 18 Oct 2021 10:54AM

Sounds fab! What time are you meeting on Wednesday? Thanks Ste


Stephen Davies Mon 18 Oct 2021 12:51PM

I’m thinking 6:30 - could you make that? Have edited the original post to include the time


Finn Tue 19 Oct 2021 1:31PM

Sounds great, may not make the meeting but will see!


Sally Tue 19 Oct 2021 2:26PM

Will try and be there as well, but might not be back from work in time... is there a flier that I can send out at all?


Stephen Davies Tue 19 Oct 2021 4:25PM

Hiya Sally, assume you mean a flyer for the actual event not the meeting! There was a simple poster in the last FFC newsletter - think Fran wants to do another one - sure she'll get that to you once she has. Doubt that'll happen whilst we're in Wales though!


Lisa Peakman Wed 20 Oct 2021 6:51AM

Ah sounds wonderful 😊. I’d love to be there but can’t as I work care on Saturday mornings.

Have a good time and I look forward to hearing the results 😊👍

Lisa x


Katie Bliss Wed 20 Oct 2021 5:00PM

Can knee find the link to the meting... :) could some one pop it over


Francesca Wed 20 Oct 2021 5:13PM

Francesca Rausa is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Meeting ID: 963 478 6038

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Katie Bliss Thu 21 Oct 2021 1:45PM

Hi All - just checking do we still want big canvas for painting or are using the paper you had for the consultation?


Katie Bliss Thu 21 Oct 2021 1:59PM

My printer isnt working and doing weird liney things. Anyone able to print the pics from the underworld and a couple of guides to soil assessent and earthworms so we can laminate end of next week? If not I can go to Octopus but they are expensive..

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