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Lab Infrastructure

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What do we want the lab itself to look like? What should its capabilities be in terms of supporting different types of experiments in terms of equipment, space, etc? What should we be spending money on? What proportion of the space should be devoted to lab and how much to other functions like talks and classes? What looked like a large space when it was empty is now pretty crowded looking so I'm trying to gather opinions on how to make the space as functional as possible.


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Electrical work Closed Mon 14 Mar 2022 1:01AM

by Danny Wed 28 Sep 2022 9:09PM

Electrical work was completed by Nion electric. We added a 220V receptacle for the -80C and 4x4 120V receptacles.

Right now the wiring in the lab is standard office outlets. We probably will need more power and have outlets more convenient to lab benches to avoid the use of lots of power strips. We also cannot use the -80C freezer until we install a 220V line. I propose to move forward with adding more power and putting in extra outlets and the 220V line ASAP. If everyone is cool with this and with Danny and I arranging the benches (we need to know where thy will be in order to locate the new outlets) then let us know. If you have any specific ideas on bench locations within the space or ideas to maximize benchspace I'd love to hear them.


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Danny Fri 11 Mar 2022 1:40PM

For members you may also want to see the floor plan of the space and my thoughts on this matter here.


Deleted account Fri 11 Mar 2022 4:11PM

I think there should be more plants and some more living systems in the lab. I hope aphids will not be an issue but mosquito nets could be useful to compartmentalize the grow space. It would be cool if the teaching space could incorporate movement and action
instead of sitting and listening such as an area to learn how to grow and characterize plants for a class demo.

Key photographs to provide some history of biotech and the org on the wall could be good too. Modular mobility would be helpful since the lab has high ceilings.


Ellen Jorgensen Sat 12 Mar 2022 12:17PM

Chirag, when you say 'plants' do you mean in a decorative sense (we do have big windows, not sure how much light there is during the day) or are you advocating setting up an area for experiments that involve plants (grow chamber etc)? I wasn't sure from your post.


Ellen Jorgensen Sat 12 Mar 2022 12:18PM

Danny when I click on the floorplan link it tells me I am not authorized to view it.


Danny Tue 15 Mar 2022 2:54PM

This is likely because you are not currently a member. At some point in the future we may require all officers to also be members but that is currently not the case. I think it's OK to share the floor plans with the wider group so you may access it here. I'm just unsure about allowing non-members/non-officers to propose changes to the lab space.


Deleted account Thu 17 Mar 2022 8:07PM

Biological plants and I thought the large windows could make this potentially easier. It could also be an issue for other reasons.


Danny Fri 18 Mar 2022 12:45PM

@chirag raval moved this from the help thread to the thread where @Ellen Jorgensen asked for clarification


Danny Mon 21 Mar 2022 8:51PM

@Ellen Jorgensen you can find a summary of the electrical requirements (amperage) for various pieces of lab equipment here

Also it would be good to write an outcome for your proposal. What's the next step knowing that 5 folks (3 members) approve of your proposal and nobody objects?


Alexey Potapov Fri 22 Sep 2023 3:55PM

Should I post here about bring in 2 lab benches, 2 laminar boxes and (potentially) some robots ?

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