Sat 23 Aug 2014 10:59PM

Outside Help

ND Niall Darwin Public Seen by 17

Ideas about how to get help with things like funding, Manpower, kit.


Niall Darwin Sat 23 Aug 2014 11:00PM

Reuben and his Dad at Whale Bay Nurseries


Niall Darwin Sat 23 Aug 2014 11:01PM

Waikato Regional Cuncil - Adrian Jepson. Switchboard: 07 859 0999
Reuben says he would be keen to hear from this project.


Simon Thomson Sat 30 Aug 2014 12:49AM

Possibly Sam Stephens at WRC / Environment Waikato also - he drove a chunk of the planting that has occured at North and South end carparks.


Niall Darwin Tue 2 Sep 2014 9:10AM

I had a good long conversation with Sam today. I'll write it up here but not now!


Niall Darwin Tue 9 Sep 2014 9:41PM

From my conversation with Sam of the regional council ([email protected]):
We can have plants from 'Project Crimson' Pohutukawa regeneration scheme over the next three years, roughly 200 per year.
There's a possibility of of 1/3 funding from the council. Our contribution to this can include an hourly rate for volunteers. To qualify for this there are some criteria possibly including that the land may need covenanting. I'm waiting for details on these strings.
He mentioned the 'vege care group' which sounds like a group of volunteers. Simon, do you know of these folk?


Niall Darwin Tue 9 Sep 2014 9:42PM

In terms of planting advice, Sam said Pohuts at 5m spacing is best and that lots of flax is good.


Niall Darwin Tue 9 Sep 2014 9:45PM

Next, I got introduced to 'Boydy' who (it sounds like) looks after nurseries and regenerative planting for iwi. He would be happy to grow us plants for next year. Both him and Fiona of Harbourcare are quoting about $3.50 per planted plant.


Niall Darwin Tue 9 Sep 2014 9:47PM

Ben Galloway and expecially his sister's fella, Gene, would be good folk to have on board planting. Gene used to work for harbour care and was known as, 'Gene the machine', not just for alliterative reasons. Chatting with him he sounded fairly keen and was talking roughly $1/plant (not sure but maybe he said $0.9) to plant plants.


Niall Darwin Tue 9 Sep 2014 9:51PM

From Craig at WDC: [email protected]
Hi Niall
In answer to your questions yes we do have a contestable fund.
Applications are to be received in writing and must show how they meet the criteria i.e.:
(a) Existing conservation covenants (see below for further discussion.)
(b) Wetlands, where the priority of a given site is confirmed through assessment against criteria being developed by the Waikato Biodiversity Forum.
(c) Forest areas identified as highly valuable through a LENZ analysis and verified through a site visit.

In order to be assessed for a grant they must show how the money is going to be spent to enhance the existing conservation covenant, or if is a wetland identify how it has been assessed against the criteria developed by the Waikato Biodiversity Forum, or how it has been assessed as highly valuable through a LENZ analysis. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Craig Birkett


Niall Darwin Tue 9 Sep 2014 9:52PM

I also had a conversation with Giles Boundy at WDC but can't find my notes for that right now :(