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The Real Australia Project - 5 Questionaire on your opinion of Australia

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The purpose of the real Australia project is to allow the voice of real Australian's to be heard.

We believe it is a historic project and an opportunity to allow the people of this great nation to shape the course of its future.

Our simple questionnaire lays the foundation for the voice of Australia to speak for itself.

The Real Australia Project enables data to be collected which allows the opinions, beliefs and feelings of real Australian's to be measured against the policies and laws that are made in their name on local, national and global levels.

Most importantly the Real Australia Project allows it to be made known what issues are truly in the hearts and minds of the Australian People.

Because we believe that a true democracy doesn't end after an election. It is an endless, ongoing process where THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE dictates the course of a nation.

Once the voices of the real Australia are gathered systematically we have the opportunity to solidify the message, beliefs and will of the real Australia.

Answer from your heart.

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What will we do with the Real Australia Project Data ?

The Real Australia Film Project

By collecting answers from people's Real Australia video contributions we will stick them together into a fascinating film project which portrays the unique view points of different Australian's answering our 5 questions. We will display this film publicaly at events and try to air it on television and in cinemas and of course online.

BOOK – print the real Australia book with peoples answers

The Real Australia Audio Archives

As with the film project, we will collate people's audio recordings into a compelling sound project which can be broadcast on radio and online.


By geographically locating yourself (putting your address) on your questionaire, you will allow The Real Australia project to create data maps which plot the ideological stance of Australians on a map. This will enable us to hold to account the laws and policies that are in place in that area that are against the will of the people.

NATIONAL ARCHIVES enter the book and Real Australia film into the national archives and national library services. Enter all responses from the questionnaire into the national archives in Canberra as a published historical document.

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Personal Information / Privacy

The amount of personal information you provide to us is up to you. We encourage you to provide as much as possible to allow the project to expand. At a minimum we ask for your Email address. You can of course remain anonymous if you wish. Personal information will not be published! Read our privacy policy.


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Would You like to participate in the Real Australia Project ?

the easiest way is to complete and share the Questionaire on the website.
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