Sat 7 May 2022 4:42PM

Water delivery information!

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The last few Nests we've had 'water cooler' style bottles of water delivered to Nest from a local supplier. The empty bottles are collected by the suppler. We're currently organising this again.

We're planning on delivering water closer to where people use it to reduce lifting and carrying: middle of free camp, poss gate, half way down the hill - theme camps, bottom of hill - theme camps, TBC. You'll still need to return your empty bottles to gate but they're much lighter!

As in previous years we may need to split orders so some bottles will arrive on the Wednesday/Thursday.

Other water sources exist, and this year a tap has been installed at the bottom of the hill. This post isn't about those.

Water Costs:

The large 19L bottles will cost around £8.50 (probably less, we need to confirm numbers).The 'non-return' fee for breaking, taking, losing or binning these is £9.

The smaller 13L bottles are in short supply, they're much more expensive for the supplier than the 19L bottles but they're easier to lift etc.

Therefore we'd like to keep these for people who have a need for a lighter bottle.

The 13L bottles will be around £7 (probably less, we need to confirm numbers). However the 'non-return' fee is £13 - so if you get these please take care with them.

Water Pumps

You'll need a water pump to get to the water in the bottles! A lot of people will have these from last year. We can get them for £13.50 from the supplier. You can get them cheaper on Ebay.

Other Info

We are not ready to take orders yet, it'll be a week or two - I will put a link on this thread.

We will need help on site with all this, especially on site at the start of Nest (Monday)- if this could be you please comment below!

In previous years non-returned bottles meant the project made a loss which the organisers had to deal with. This year we don't want that so we'll include a small amount extra in the price to cover minor problems or additional expenses. We will also mark the bottles and do our best to make sure none end up as MOOP. Any money which is left over will go to Nest.


Deleted account Sat 7 May 2022 4:44PM

How much water do you need?

This really depends on what you use, how often you visit the tap, whether you wash with stream water.

A guide from previous years was 2L per day just for drinking. 4-5L per day for drinking, cooking and a bit of washing (hands, face, not showers!).


Stephen Brannigan Wed 11 May 2022 6:38PM

Just to be clear, funding for our site plumbing project has now been formally approved. YEAY!

We will install taps leading all the way from the sites existing tap, past the theme camps along the way, up to a set of 4 new taps by our ticketing gate (same location as 2019) for free camping to use.

This was partially done to avoid the need for water delivery to the site, and to get hardware we could reuse year on year.

I also gather Leave a Better Trace (LBT) have been trying to avoid mineral water site deliveries this year.


Deleted account Sat 14 May 2022 2:08PM

The water order-form is now live: https://pickupp.wufoo.com/forms/nest-water-order-2022/

Please place orders by 11pm Sunday 22nd May, BST