Sun 1 Dec 2013 12:13PM


MM Marita Muukkonen Public Seen by 31

All talks by mentor's will take place at the Library for the Blind, Eläintarhantie 18, Kallio

MAP of PERPETUUM LAB II locations: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=z28HCTvZ4bpc.kElXdUmS9bsA


MONDAY, 2nd December, Library for the Blind

17:00 - 19:00 Federico Geller: La Comunitaria TV

La Comunitaria TV: Interventions in the Social and Political Field

Abriendo Caminos is a collective of popular communication from Claypole, a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. In 2004 the group created La Comunitaria TV, a pirate TV channel “from neighbours to neighbours”, integrated locally by members of the Movement of Unemployed and local organisations. Federico Geller will share some moments and aspects of this communitarian experience that crossed the borders of the social and the political.


TUESDAY 3rd December, Library for the Blind

15:00- approx. 16:30. Artivism and ARTPOPULI by Tamara Moyzes

Recent projects related to activism and happenings; strategies concerning how Moyzes working in public space and in site specific situations.

When Political Art and Activism are sharing the same methods.

“I will present four individuals who are not artists and who came from different countries. Although those individuals are not related to any political organization, they are tying to raise political and social question trough their practice and performance. This is a form of sociological research, asking how and why these people act without fear, while the media reactions can change their life. I also will address the similarities between Political Art and Activism, practices that share the same methods.”


18:00 - 20:00 INFILTRATORS: Film Screening and talk by Khaled Jarrar

This documentary follows the efforts by various Palestinians to cross the sevenmetre- high wall that separates the Palestinian Territories from Israel. Using a raw, observational style that makes no comment on the action, the film generates an overwhelming feeling of immediacy and urgency, involving the viewer in each successive attempt.


WEDNESDAY 4th of December, Library for the Blind

18:00-19:30 A Visible screening program by Matteo Lucchetti

with works by Jonas Staal, Alterazioni Video, Marinella Senatore and others.


The Visible Award is an international production award devoted to art work in the social sphere that aims to produce and sustain socially engaged artistic practices in a global context. Visible is also a contemporary art research project, where art is understood in its capability to make people look at things with a different perspective; a repository of knowledge, in its making, for all those artistic practices that are able to lead art becoming part of something else, leaving behind its own codified field and regime of speech, and allowing it to create new meaningful readings, visions and tools about our contemporaneity and our future times.

THURSDAY 5th of December, Library for the Blind

18:00 - 20:00 Film Screening introduced by Tamara Moyzes

FREE SMETANA! / Svobodu pro Smetanu!
Directed by Vít Klusák and Filip Remunda, 2012, 52 min, Czech Republic
Introduction by Tamara Moyzes

“He drew antennae onto politicians' posters and underneath he wrote they are liars, thieves, and corrupt whores. One of his colleagues – also a bus driver – turned him in. The judge in his trial was the wife of one of the defamed politicians. He destroyed private property! He paid 15,000 crowns in damages, but refused any additional punishment. “I have nothing to atone for!” Roman Smetana called out in court. He got 100 days. For the film makers, it was not enough to merely document his story – they bought spray paint and hit the streets…”