Wed 31 Jul 2019 6:43PM

List of Patreon accounts we should approach to propose for them to also use our Open Collective

LS Leo Sammallahti Public Seen by 58

- The New Internationalist, a media coop. (31 PATRONS, $124 PER MONTH)
- East Lansing Info, a cooperatively owned newspaper (34 PATRONS)
- The Halifax Music Cooperative (11 PATRONS, $254 PER MONTH)
- The Writing Cooperative (141 PATRONS)
- Deadbabecafe, a digital cooperative (4 PATRONS, $197 PER MONTH)
- Sackville Commons & Coworking Co-op (2 PATRONS, $9 PER MONTH)
- Agitator Gallery (9 PATRONS, $47 PER MONTH)
- Democracy at Work, advocates worker coops (2,118 PATRONS, $8,994 PER MONTH)
- Graphic Arts Workshop (3 PATRONS, $29 PER MONTH)

We could get visibility as these coops would advocate people to donate to them through P6 hosted Open Collective. They might benefit if people are more likely to become regular donors if they know that the commission goes to support other coops, not Patreon shareholders. We will make some money from our commission.

Let's expand this list Patreon accounts - coops or not, that might be interested. We could plan to contact all of these to ask if they are interested.


Nenad Maljković Thu 1 Aug 2019 4:40AM

Platform 6 Open Collective works in £ and all of the above in $. That might be an issue to sort out before contacting them.


Jeff Regino Thu 1 Aug 2019 7:09AM

I think it's a great initiative to bring cooperatives and communities together. Kudos! @leosammallahti


Iwan Doherty Thu 17 Oct 2019 2:55PM

Worth looking at non co-operatives to. New Socialist for example would be a good publication to contact. Perhaps London Economic, and other left wing independent media sites