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London Meetup - WEDS 28th Sept

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It's been way too long since we saw each other.... and Ed has kindly offered us the use of Newspeak House (near Brick lane) for free, on Thursday the 29th September. So I'd like to gauge interest... Would you be interested in joining a very informal event at which we might:

  • spend some time socialising...

  • share some v short 2 min presentations about people's projects...

  • do a bit more experimentation with @Adam McKenty 's laser pointer 'collective intelligence' idea... to explore group views on the climate emergency and the most effective strategies for groups to be working on right now...

  • drink some tea...

  • do whatever else the group decides

If you'd like to attend, and/or have ideas for things you would like to do or present at the event, please add to the thread below and hopefully we can co-create some magic ;)


Oli SB Thu 29 Sep 2022 12:43PM

Hi Mike,

People that registered are listed below. I don't think I can share emails (GDPR)... but if you can see people in the list that are not here (on Loomio) let me know and I'll invite them.

  • Bob Bollen

  • michael hales

  • Anton Chernikov

  • hugh barnard

  • hugh barnard

  • Dip Patel

  • Billy Smith

  • Alex Worrad-Andrews

  • Nico Collignon

  • hamish campbell

  • Chris Allen


  • John Allsopp

  • Dil Green

  • Miki Elson

  • Gary Alexander

  • Artem Zhiganov

  • Susannah Browning

  • Alice Casey

  • Gustavo Montes de Oca

  • Daniel Harris

  • Trevor Hilder

  • Ben Dunn Flores

  • May Ling Thomas

  • Ludovica Rogers

  • Matthew Lutz

  • Christopher Owen

  • Anis Azman

  • Sofia Intan

  • Mary Fee

  • Peter Brownell

  • John Bevan

  • Konstantina Katmada

  • Des Blake

  • Jonas Samson

  • Nathan Taylor

  • James Curtis


mike_hales Thu 29 Sep 2022 11:57AM

Will there be any kind of participant list? For p2p contacting. Are all who attended here in this thread - no, I can see not.


Edward Saperia Thu 29 Sep 2022 11:12AM

Fun event, thanks for running it @Oli SB!

Turnout was great, open space worked well, maybe next time five tracks instead of three, and an explicit section in the intro when people write down their session ideas.


Oli SB Thu 29 Sep 2022 10:31AM

Well that was fun!

About 40 people came to The Open Co-op Meetup and we discussed:

  • Community currencies

  • The Global Carbon Reward policy

  • How to kickstart more housing co-ops

  • Connecting off-grid enthusiasts with people that need energy efficiency advice

  • Digital infrastructure and commons stewardship

  • Planet Diss and sustainable communities

  • Making the new economy a normality

  • Low code dashboards and agent-centric interfaces

  • Civic Tech and community

  • and Plaistow Eco Hub

If you have other news or updates, please add them to the Share your updates thread, and let us know in the comments below what you liked? or didn’t like? and any other feedback…

There was some interest in more meet-ups so, if you’re interested in joining future events please add your ideas below.

At the meet-up I mentioned the idea of possibly running a “laser pointer voting event”, similar to the one run by @Adam McKenty a few years ago, in which everyone gets a laser pointer which they direct at the screen to respond to various questions or topics… it’s an incredibly powerful way of gaining rapid feedback from large groups and could make for some interesting experiments in democracy, if people are interested!?

Similarly, we could organise a hackathon, or some collaborative events with other networks, or more focused events on specific topics etc - let us know what types of events you would be interested in below.

Many thanks to everyone that attended and contributed - and Ed from Newspeak House for hosting us - it was great to see so many old and new friends and to connect in person and to hear about so many interesting projects - keep up all your great work!



Oli SB Mon 19 Sep 2022 4:12PM

The signups for the London Meetup are growing ;) but they do seem to be predominately from men! It would be great if more of the wonderful women in our community wanted to join - we'd love to see you and hear your wisdom - sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-open-co-op-meetup-london-tickets-417053697837


Oli SB Fri 16 Sep 2022 10:59AM

Great - thanks Dil, and everyone else that has registered. We have 15 people confirmed and are expecting a few more so it should be a good catchup... We'll run it as an open space so anyone can suggest a topic for discussion, which doesn't have to be a specific project, or update... I'd be happy to give an update on Murmurations if it's of interest but I'm more excited to talk about https://globalcarbonreward.org and to hear what people think about it... (this is the real life version of the 'carbon coin' which Kim Stanley Robinson featured in Ministry for the Future)... TBC ;)


dilgreen Fri 16 Sep 2022 8:13AM

Just booked, and will hopefully be accompanied by Paolo Dini (ex sardex) and Tomaž Fleischmann, (now both at crypto-tech coop informal.systems) with whom we are working on a precursor to b2b mutual credit: clearing clubs - localloop.network (we're heading to Lancaster for the soft launch on the 30th).

Really interested to hear about where Murmurations is at - keep thinking of new places where it could work.

Also very happy to give updates on where mutualcredit.services is at.


Oli SB Sat 10 Sep 2022 9:35AM

Hi All,

Full details of the event on the 28th Sept now published... please register if you'd like to come so we have an idea of numbers. I'm really looking forward to seeing people in real life! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-open-co-op-meetup-london-tickets-417053697837

If you're outside London / not in the UK / can't make it please excuse / unsubscribe from this thread (via the text link below the first post in the thread) we'll keep you posted about other events as plans evolve... ;)


Oli SB Thu 8 Sep 2022 1:26PM

Hi All,

Newspeak house is no longer available on the 29th Sept, so we have moved this event to Wednesday 28th September instead. Hopefully that still works for everyone.... more details soon.


Oli SB Thu 18 Aug 2022 1:34PM

Thanks for all the feedback, this event is going to go ahead, so if you're in or near London and want to attend please save the date. I've asked Indra (from The Alternative) and Ira (from Re-Decentralize) if they'd like to join forces too... so we may have some folks from their networks too, which will be great... more updates as plans evolve.


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