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Diane Fraser Wed 24 Oct 2018 12:16AM

Hi All I am Diane Fraser and I am a Senior Lecturer in the Environmental and Animal Sciences Department at Unitec. We deliver a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with majors in Biodiversity Management & Animal Behaviour and Welfare. As I have been working with Auckland Council in Biosecurity surveys and advocacy of the public, and advocacy roles for students with council and DoC, I felt that this forum would benefit my role for students as well as Auckland Council and DoC.


Christine Rose Wed 24 Oct 2018 9:14AM

Kia ora, I'm Christine Rose, campaigner for World Animal Protection, Māui and Hector's Dolphins, sea life, community arts, and public transport and cycling. My background is in local government politics (15 years as an elected representative) and in political science and philosophy. I write for various environmental and political publications and I'm an artist (important medium of communication). I'm interested in the science of behaviour change since human behaviours can cause so many problems to ourselves and the planet