Migration to IPFS

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Have there been any discussions of migrating, or porting, Diaspora to IPFS?



Creak Mon 3 Oct 2016 6:46PM

Beyond the technical challenge, what's the interest for the D* community?


IVXCVI Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:17PM

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The obvious outcome is that, ideally, the Diaspora network would no longer need to rely on shared pods. If the community has no interest in the idea, I'm sure there will be others to come along and take up the torch. I just thought of Diaspora because IPFS seems to be the answer the biggest hurdle of getting people to join--i.e. explaining what a pod is and getting them to sign up to an individual pod.

No longer would individual servers need uptime tracked, or separate URLs. You could potentially keep all of your personal data locally; pinning it to IPFS to share with the network.

There are concerns with control over data after its been shared over the protocol, but that problem is also true of current protocols. The project is currently working on finding ways of giving more control to users in that regard.


Creak Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:46PM

Isn't there a problem with dynamic website and IPFS? I thought it was good for static website and data (maybe it has changed since I last checked).

Edit: I thought you were proposing IPFS in order to store user data like the photo albums (which would have been a privacy problem, I think)..


IVXCVI Mon 3 Oct 2016 9:19PM

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Dynamic in reference to content, or dynamic in reference to naming system?

Edit: I think it depends on how and what gets moved to the IPFS protocol. It also depends on how you define privacy risk. Multiple computers already access photo albums on Diaspora over HTTP right now.


IVXCVI Mon 3 Oct 2016 9:27PM

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See https://alexandria.io for one website which has built itself on top of IPFS to distribute dynamic media (video, audio, etc.).


Creak Mon 3 Oct 2016 9:39PM

Dynamic in reference to content. I'll check alexandria! Thx


IVXCVI Tue 11 Oct 2016 6:57PM

This is also relevant.