Fri 27 Jan 2023 3:43PM

Free online course "Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century" by the Synergia Co-operative Institute begins on Sunday

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Hi all, this fantastic free online course "Toward Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition in a Perilous Century" by the Synergia Co-operative Institute begins on Sunday https://ud.coop/mooc

To give you an idea of what the course covers, here is the list of modules:

Module 1: Framing the Journey: Capitalism, Planetary Limits and the Making of New Commons

Module 2: Stewarding Land and Resources for the Common Good

Module 3: Towards Ecologically Resilient and Just Food Systems

Module 4: Forging Pathways to Energy Democracy and Just Transition

Module 5: Precarious Livelihoods: Pathways from Precarity to Solidarity

Module 6: Broadening and Democratizing Care: From Welfare State to Partner State to Earthcare

Module 7: Democratizing Money and Finance for the Great Transition

Bonus: Constructing your Synthesis: Purpose, Priorities, and Pathways (optional)

More details here: https://synergiainstitute.org/the-modules/

It starts this Sunday 29 Jan so register now! https://synergiainstitute.org/registration/

I'll be doing it so hope to see a load of other Trust the People people there too! :)


kate Fri 27 Jan 2023 9:02PM

This looks great, really important and amazing stuffMore details only given us more details about content, however.
I have questions about : how it will be delivered,time commitment, whether self study in addition to delivered seminars is requires; assessments; time frame ; accreditation
Are you able to help at all?
I dont want to plunge in with enthusiasm finding I just can't fit in with the way it's delivered
Many thanks


Liz Day Sun 12 Mar 2023 5:13PM


Is it possible to still sign up for this course, even though I've missed quite a few of the modules? And is it possible to access recordings, to catch up on some of what I've missed?

With thanks and kind wishes,


Liz Day Sun 12 Mar 2023 5:43PM


Just go to website

And register

Sign in to canvas

I suggest you start with module 3 on food

And review just transition reading in m1 and review systems thinking template on both just transition and mlp or multi level perspective for Module three

Review the announcements from us

On navigation and small groups

It’s too late to join a group but you can do self guided learning and participate in all discussions

You do NOT have to read it all now

I suggest that you loop back to overview and learning outcomes listed for M 2 and M2 to see what you missed

And as time or discussions raise issues from m1 or m2 you can dip back into the topics that you need to fill in

And Ce mail Mike Lewis or myself once you get settled and we can point you to specific posts or readings of videos to fill in the first six weeks

Hope this helps


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Liz Day Sun 12 Mar 2023 6:18PM

Liz. I forgot to say that when you have time do fill in the welcome survey mentioned on page 1 of the mooc home page..there is a link..it helps us track who is who in the course. You can also add an introduction if you like. Or read those of others. The most
important point is NOT to feel overwhelmed by the many posts and sharings. Dip in to see what is up, but start surfing in module 3 to get a feel for ideas, and how to post and discuss. We encourage one or two posts and a reflection paper..as a good means to
develop a command of the materials..there are no exams or test..it is all about self-guided learning with feedback from us here and there, and discussion among peers ..