Thu 20 May 2021 4:16PM

Peep/SU meeting with CoOp Lawyer Jason Weiner

KR Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene Public Seen by 16

So we were asked to join a meeting with a prospective coop lawyer named Jason Weiner. I opted to be the one to join the meeting.

The meeting, one of many that Donia will schedule I presume, was intended to figure out if "we" will "join forces" with Jason's CoOp. Before I get into the details of the meeting I want to touch on this idea of "joining forces" that Donia has. She views CoOps as organizations that especially get together to cooperate. She has this idea of coops that I haven't encountered: While I think of coops as humans coming together to work on a goal, she extends that to coops themselves as coops coming together to work on a goal. I point this out not because I disagree, but because it both frames our engagement and also this meeting.

The meeting started with questions for the layer about coop finances and responsibilities. I don't know if that was actually planned however, because Donia quickly moved it onto the discussion of how the three organizations (Strippers United, V-Union, and DWG) could work with this lawyer's coop. Mostly Jason deflected with the idea that perhaps three organizations working in union was a bit complicated before a product existed. He urged us to become stable and have a visualization of our organizations structure and responsibilities before using his services.

So this is about when I think I realized the meeting might be a mismatch in priorities. I believe the lawyer saw this as an meeting about utilizing his classes or consultation, something that a more fleshed out product organization might need. After he talked about those group classes and the consultations he could provide the meeting was largely over.

After the meeting I had a chance to talk to Summer and Donia about our engagement with them, what we were building, and what they were experiencing. I pointed out the two sides to this type of site: Streaming or Fan site. It turns out what I described was also what the CoLab people also advised Peep.me on. It looks like Donia wanted to work with CoLab the same way as I described above. They also suggested webrtc, elixir, and phoenix.

Before the conversation ended (another meeting called my attention) we talked about what they wanted on the spectrum I discussed and the outcome was: They'd rather be like youtube than twitch, fan content first livestream content second.