Wed 28 Feb 2018 9:30AM

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What’s your role or approach to participation in this group? What should people know about you to understand where you’re coming from?


lynX Wed 28 Feb 2018 9:29PM

This thing looks more like a chat with all the :astonished: and it invites me to opinate my opinions as loud as I can so I don't have to listen to anyone else's! I already have mine! :kiss_ww: :wrestling_tone3: :shit:


David Bovill Fri 2 Mar 2018 9:08AM

Hi I'm David. I'm one of the founders of Liquid Democracy, but like John Donoso that does not mean I agree with the way it is implemented. Right now my focus is on creating better group-to-group rich political debate that leads to action. Voting is a small part of that process.


Risto Ala-Kaila Sat 3 Mar 2018 2:29PM

Hi, I´m interested in technical features of deliberative digiplatforms but my main concern is to find such simple but powerful organizing principals for topics and groups where it would be possible to structure, moderate and coordinate the discussions and debuts in the way that enrichment (freedom & wisdom), empowerment (self organization & management) and empathy (quality & solidarity) would flourish in the actions of the grass root movements. I agree with @davidbovill that the voting ought be a small (and the last) part of that process. My suggestion for basic structure is to apply a simple but dynamic theory, say only three organizing principals, as in Malaska´s three folding theory, which can have endlessly different combinations with each other (see and download the inquiry down below).