Sat 7 Dec 2019 12:40AM

Fresh installation - no mail

J J.G. Public Seen by 43

Hello everyone,

I have just created a new installation of Loomio on my VPS server (Ubuntu 18.04 64bits). I followed step by step the guide proposed on GitHub.

Everything went well but when I logged into the platform to register the first account used for administration I never received the email with the validation code.

I checked my SMTP settings, I use the MailJet service, everything seems correct to me.

I checked the logs, many things seem strange to me:

- the loomio-worker service often ends with status 1

- the loomio-mailin service indicates a warning that the address is not reachable

- the nginx server indicates that it must restart very often

I have tried many different configurations in the hope that I may have misinformed an option but nothing works so I prefer to ask you for help.

I'm not a Docker expert and actually your project is my first initiative in this field, I attach the anonymized log files.

I hope you can help me with this implementation.


Robert Guthrie Sat 7 Dec 2019 11:32AM

Yikes, yes, I know what the problem is here. I'll fix it on Monday and let you know. Sorry for the hassle.

If you like, switch from the :latest to the :stable docker image in your .env and that will sort things out. I should make this the default for this very reason.


Robert Guthrie Mon 9 Dec 2019 12:23PM

Hello @J.G. I think you'll find that both stable and latest work for you now, remember to pull, down, up as per the loomio-deploy readme


J.G. Mon 9 Dec 2019 4:20PM

Hello @Rob Guthrie ,

Thank you for your answers, I thought I would go crazy changing the settings all the time!

I have moved on to the "stable" branch, you advise me to go back to the "latest" version?

Thank you again for all this work


Robert Guthrie Mon 9 Dec 2019 5:50PM

No, my advice is stay on stable. Hope it all goes smoothy for you from now on!


J.G. Sat 21 Dec 2019 11:53PM

Thanks a lot for your answers !