[post - published] Belgium is a particracy, not a democracy. Why is it bad and how do we solve it?

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Rework of the old post that said "What is wrong with our democracy". I start with "Belgium is a particracy" this time and tried to simplify a bit. The goal is to have a lot of links/references to other articles, ... (still need to check the articles of De Morgen, ...)

New pad: https://pad.pirateparty.be/p/Democracy2

First there is an introduction where we refer to the last press articles and the different solutions...

Then we take 3 perspectives on why our current "democracy" is wrong: leadership (book Authority of Paul Verhaeghe), the presentation of Paul Nollen and the participation ladder of Arnstein and "Against Elections" from David Van Reybrouck.

If you want to add another perspective, go ahead and the text can still use a lot of improvement also.



Josse Tue 28 Mar 2017 8:03PM

It is an interesting article that shows kind of the same problems (maybe we could refer to it), but I don't see a different version of democracy.


Valerie D. Wed 29 Mar 2017 5:45PM

I read the article yesterday evening, sorry for the delay.
Do you really want to publish it asap? Otherwise I would propose to further work on it, since at the moment, to be frank, to me it sounds "populistic/simplistic" :thinking:
... But maybe I am the only one who gets this impression?


Josse Wed 29 Mar 2017 6:39PM

We don't need to be in a hurry, but I was more afraid of being too technical than being to simplistic. I would like to better understand why you feel it that way.


Valerie D. Sat 1 Apr 2017 5:01PM

I am not sure exactly how I got this, probably it comes from the start with the examples on the particracy. I can try and work a bit on it on Monday I think.


Josse Wed 29 Mar 2017 7:03PM

Maybe we need to clearly state that we don't take stance for/against any of the named organisations, but against the mechanisms which chooses compromises of strategy instead of the good solution for the citizen. I will read it again myself after tomorrow to have a refreshed look at it.


Josse Sun 2 Apr 2017 10:08PM

Would be really cool @valeried


Valerie D. Wed 5 Apr 2017 6:28PM

I started working on it but then I realised I would rewrite, which is nonsense ; it's' your text not mine ;-) I will just add a few comments in the pad


Josse Thu 6 Apr 2017 6:03PM

@valeried If I rework the "anecdotes" to explain them better, so they don't appear as "a bit of everything", is the rest of the text more or less ok?


Valerie D. Tue 11 Apr 2017 2:07PM

I had not worked on the second part yet, sorry. If others are ok with it, don't wait for me.


Josse Sat 15 Apr 2017 2:27PM

I made the first part shorter, tried to apply the improvements you made in it and put a message on top to indicate that the original was in Dutch. I published the Dutch and French version and skipped English as I don't know anymore why we would waste our time with that.

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