Archiving and not deleting

CT Chris Taklis Public Seen by 51

I wondered some things today about loomio.

one of those things is not deleting a discussion but to be archived. also the comments.

The idea is if you press "delete" of the discussion or a comment not to be deleted


to be archived in a subgroup or folder which is hidden (only coordinators can view it), and in that way coordinators can restore it (discussion or comment) if they want it.!!!

IN that way you can always restore it without problem...

and for the server not filling with all those "archived discussions and comments" they are destroying after 1 or 2 years.

ALSO to be an option to delete it for ever if they don't want something.

it is an idea DON'T shoot! :)


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 26 Feb 2014 9:11PM

Yes please!


Jon Lemmon Wed 26 Feb 2014 9:28PM

Yeah, definitely want the option to archive. We'll get there!


Robert Guthrie Fri 28 Feb 2014 3:16AM

Totally agree


Danyl Strype Wed 5 Mar 2014 10:50AM

A way of archiving finished discussions would be really helpful. This could involve is the system moving them into a separate 'dormant' list after a certain amount of time has passed with no activity (a month?). It would also be useful if admins and/or discussion facilitators could mark a discussion as 'finished' (at least for the foreseeable future), moving it into another archive list. Discussions here could have a button to re-open them if needed again.

I don't see the need to delete though, and I can see plenty of scope for abuse of such a feature. In one of the Loomio groups I am part of there is a member who can tend to be quite obstructive, someone who has admin rights because they are in an elected position, and I could seem them deleting a discussion they don't think we should be having.