Wed 28 Sep 2022 1:11PM

Closing down a coop

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hi all

as some of you will know, we've sadly taken the decision to clse bartleby's worker coop down.

we're now looking for some help with the adminstrative side of things, so if any one has any knowledge on this, can recommend solicitors with experience of this (if we need them) or any other thoughts, please let me know...

on a personal note, for those who are interested:

i'm still going to be involved in solidfund, but i'd like to say once again a massive thank you to this community for all the help we had over the years... covid was the final straw, emotionally as much as organisationally, but i'm glad we stuck with it for the last few years, and solidfund played a large part in that happening... so thanks...


Dave Hollings Wed 28 Sep 2022 1:43PM

What is the co-operative registered as? Closing down options for Companies and Societies are quite different.

I am assuming that this is a solvent winding up, rather than a liquidation.




matt wilson Wed 28 Sep 2022 2:07PM

Good questions! we're a company limited by guarantee, and yes, we're winding up without outstanding debt.


Gareth Wed 28 Sep 2022 2:08PM

Very sorry to hear the news Matt. Hope you're well.


matt wilson Wed 28 Sep 2022 2:20PM

thanks Martin - I"ve seen this, but have still got some questions, especially regarding final accounts.


adrian ashton Wed 28 Sep 2022 2:42PM

are they the sort of queries you feel able to share in this thread @matt wilson ?


Martin Meteyard Wed 28 Sep 2022 2:58PM

As far as I'm aware you don't need to submit any final accounts as part of the striking off process. You are advised to notify HMRC of the application for the company to be struck off however.


Andrew Woodcock Wed 28 Sep 2022 3:06PM

Whether you need to submit final accounts depends upon whether or not you have traded since your last set of accounts. If you have traded you need to make up a final set of accounts from your last set to the date of ceasing to trade, to enable you to complete a CT600 and so you can identify all possible creditors, only once you have identified all creditors and worked out how much tax you owe will you be able to strike it off. You can get in touch with me off list if you want Matt, love Andy


matt wilson Wed 28 Sep 2022 4:50PM

thanks andy... i've jsut been dumped with load of work but i'll be in toiuch early next week if that works? no massive rush. hope all's well with you...x

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